Starting chemoradiation

Hi well I’m finally starting treatment tomorrow… Chemo and Radiation… First time for both… Just wondering if I will be ok to stay on my own Saturday night? Probably a silly question but I dont really know what to expect I was speaking to my doctor in the hospital today and got my anti sickness medication etc and she said I should feel ok as its a low dose…I’m a very nervous person I tend to panic over nothing and its my first time to ever attend hospital! … Wondering as well what sort of groceries should I buy don’t really know what to be eating… Any advice of any kind appreciated!! X

Hi. Good luck for your treatment. 

I was very lucky and my treatment was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be. I felt tired and had some bowel issues but nothing that I couldn't cope with.

I'm sure you'll be ok on your own on Saturday but it'd be nice to have someone with you to cook for you and get drinks. 

I'm sure people are fed up of me saying this but I blogged my treatment.  If you look on the treatment section but you'll have to scroll back to January,  you'll find it under 'finally started treatment '.

It might give you an idea what to expect  x 


Hi Siom:

Just wanted to wish you good luck for tomorrow.  Keep us posted as to how it goes.


t x

Hi Siom :-)

You are unlikely to feel really poorly right at the start. If the chemo makes you feel dreadful you still have Friday to address that with your medical team and they will probably sort you out with alternative anti-nausea medication if necessary. Some people find that they go off certain foods - I had to switch from coffee to green tea - but you won't know that until you have begun your treatment. You may find that the kind of foods you would normally think of as 'comfort foods' become quite the opposite during treatment so it's really hard to plan a larder for you. Since you have to leave the house to go to hospital on a daily basis you can quite easily do your shopping on a daily basis too. That way you can limit your shoping to what you fancy on that particular day.

You should be fine on your own Saturday but presumably you can call a friend if you feel the need for someone?

Be lucky :-)

Wishing you all the best for today 


How'd it go, Siom ?x

Hi there well im not long home just having a sandwich and a cup of tea on the road since 6.30 this morning... I was very nervous so the consultant gave me a tablet to relax me definitely helped!!  I was hooked up to the machine all day from around 9 am to after 3 pm at the end my heart was beating very deep/fast so was sent for an ecg they told me my heart rate was alittle high but nothing major I then went for my radiation i was a bit worried as I hadnt got to drink water for a couple of hours but it turned out my bladder actually showed up to full so had to get off the machine and empty it!  Im very tired now but feel fine ive my steroids to take in the morning along with 2 different anti sickness the nurse said i should probably only take one of the anti sickness valoid as the other zoltan i think is quite strong..... Any recommendations greatly appreciated on this as my biggest fear is the naseau really want to avoid it as much as possible have a bad stomach pain last couple of days its dreadful mentioned it today but they didnt say much so i will say it again tomorrow I live an hour and a half drive from the hospital so like everything sorted for the wend if possible . Thanks everyone for the replies really appreciate it. .... Xx

Hi Siom I wish you all the best with your treatment it can be a really anxious time but you are in good hands. The staff will do everything they can to make you as comfortable as possible so dont suffer in silence. Going through treatment i was told to eat what I like and make changes if needed afterwards. Drink plenty as Radiotherapy can dehydrate you can get hydrate sachets from the chemist you add them to water they helped me. You will feel tired you have had a long day and a long journey home sleep as much as you can. You will get to know what medication suits you best dont be afraid to ask for changes as you know best. You have started your treatment and on your way to kick Cancers butt I will be thinking about you keep in touch we are all here for you Big Hugs xx

So glad you checked in. Sounds like everything went well and there were no nasty surprises.

Rest as much as you can .

Cheering you on sweetie.

love t x

Hey Siom :-)

Have I got this right? You have a 90 minute journey each way every day? Are you driving yourself?
For five weeks?
I fear that you will become too tired to cope with this. Is there anybody who can help you?

Be lucky :-)

Hi tivoli, 

Yes unfortunately it's 90 mins each way(some times more with bad traffic) I got a lift yesterday and today from Monday ill be staying in accomodation near the hospital Mon - Fri as its too far to travel every day.. 

Thanks everyone for the posts.. I still feel good today im delighted that no naseau has developed... As yet!!!! I have a uti so got some antibiotics for that today just noticed today

buzzing in my left ear earlier went pretty quick but back again now... Think it might be tinnitus im developing but ill grin and bear it if it means I can be clear of cancer...

Hi Siom good to hear side affects are not as bad as you had thought. That is a good idea to stay closer to the hospital during the week you wont feel so tired and you will have more time to yourself. I would mention the buzzing in your ears to your team as they can help with it and you dont want to be left with unwanted side effects after treatment. I hope your Uti clears up quickly I took 2 during treatment I started to feel well after my second day of Antibiotics. Siom have a lovely weekend treatment free yeah!! xx

Hi Siom :-)

I am just so relieved that you have chosen to stay closer to the hospital Monday - Friday. Sorry to hear about the UTI and the buzzing :-( Fingers crossed your team can sort all this out quickly for you :-)

Be lucky :-)

So glad that you are not going to make that drive every day. Will you be staying by yourself during the week? If you are and you feel a bit lonely, jump on here and chat. There's always someone around who can lend an ear, send some support or hold your hand.

Have a lovely weekend. Rest, drink tons and relax.

love t x

Hi everyone... well staying here in accomodation near the hospital really wanted to go home last night!! not use to staying on my own but ill try and stick it out...still feeling well had my 4th radiation today have a bit of constipation and pain in that area also have developed thrush but apart from that feeling good chemo number 2 on Thursday and then on Friday ill be heading home for the weekend...cant wait!!! 

Just checking in to see how your week went.

love t x