Started treatment scarred and confused

Dear all,

Please find below my diagnosis and treatment plan.


Histology shows a poorly differenciated adenosquamous cell cancer which is at least 2cm in size. MRI shows a 5cm tumor of the cervix extending to the parametrium and there are left external iliac nodes and some small paraaortic nodes as well as some mesorectal nodes.

The doctor says this is a FIGO stage 2B tumor.


Treatment is by way of 5 days of chemo, 25 radiotherapy and 3 brachytherapy.

All this seems to be a little overwhelming, the doctor says my prognosis is good but I am not sure in fact I am scarred!

I have just completed my first week of treatment and feeling rough and sick and really tired. 

Anybody else had similar diagnosis who can please advise or explain the diagnosis in plain English.

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Diane - gosh there's a lot of detail there.  I'm not sure I can help with the level of detail as I didnt get that much info and when I asked about the sixe, my consultant seemed to change the subject everytime but am guessing it was 5/6 cm.  I was staged at 2B too (adenosquamous carcinoma) - my tumour was sperading towards back passage area.  Try not to google as you will drive yourself mad!  You have started tratment so make that your focus.  You will have good and bad days and the treament is not easy but it is doable.  There are lots of us who have come through the other side and are piecing our lives back together.  Wishing you lots of love and we are al here anythime xx

thanks for your kind words im just finditng it really hard atm all those lymph nodes look abit worrying im trying to be strong for the sake of my children but its hard xx

Hi Diane,


Just wanted to show you some support as I started the same treatment last week also and feel awful. I can't help with the medical info as I didn't get to much info from my consultant as I didn't want to know other than if it had spread which it hasn't.

I have struggled to stay strong as worry the treatment won't Work etc but am starting to get stronger every day. I have 2 boys I need to get better for and that's what I intend to do.

Sorry I couldn't be much help get us posted on your progress xx



Hi Lauran

sorry for slow response had a bit of a rought few days emotionaly, it helps having people on here just to chat and share our experiences and fears. Hope you're treatmernt is going well they have changed my anti sickness tabs this week so hopefully they will do the trick. I will let you know if they do they are called Emend125mg.  been to see the nurse today just for a chat and some reassurance and this has helped a bit. I feel like at times I am on a roller coaster up, down and spinning around and cant wait to get off.

Stay strong Smile x x