started radio and chemo this week

It's been a while since I last posted, after I had my eau I was told no spreading has accrued so my tumour is in one place, however it's growing out the way rather than in so they wanted me to have radio and chemo as to do a hysterectomy they would have to disfigurement my below area.


Was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? My consultant advised its very curable and I now have started 28 sessions of radio therapy and 5 lots of chemo I will then have internal radio after. I have to say the chemo makes me feel very sick and that's just after 1 lot!


Any advice or reassurance would be appreciated.


Thanks xx

Hi there…
It’s all rather scary isn’t it!
I had the exact same treatment regime as you, I finished on 8th April this year.
With regard to the sickness I really struggled… I threw a bit of a tantrum in the end as I felt so awful and threatened to not have any more chemo and just do the radio as I really couldn’t face feeling that awful. My hospital was great and they gave me aprepitant which I think is expensive but really helped.
I still felt a bit sick but it was manageable. Maybe ask them if they offer that drug ?.

Sorry iPad went a bit mad!
I think my best piece of advice is just take one day at a time. I had days when I felt fine… And days that were awful. No rhythm to it. While it was going on it felt like forever, but now looking back I can see is was really just a short time to hopefully get rid of this nasty disease.
Listen to your body, sleep when you need to, do what you want to not what people think you should do. You will get through it…
Everyone I met at the hospital reacted differently and felt different. Just tell the staff any symptoms however small and let them help you…
Good luck and let us know how you get on… I go for my follow up in a few weeks to hopefully be told its all gone!! That will be a good day!!
Lots love
Kelly xx

Just to say about the chemo.......question yourself about if it is the chemo that is making you feel bad or the drug cocktail they give you. 

After a bad week after the first session I read all the drug leaflets in detail. I then cut down the dosage to half of what they perscribe and only took anything for 3 days after each session. Felt much much better on that regime. Everyone is different, but I do question the automatic prescribing of 4 drugs before knowing how an individual will react to the chemo. The nurses were actually very happy that I was minimising my ingestion of drugs, but didn't offer that option up front, it was just "here we go, take these".

Best wishes with the treatment. 6 months on it now seems to me like a bad dream that is fading fast. 



some great advice offered.  Just to reiterate whats been said already, take one day at a time.  You may find your next chemo easier, its hard to say.  Just be aware that the effects of radio build over the time and you probably will start to feel more tired as you go an and this can also affect how you feel in terms of sickness and coping.  Just do what feels right for you in terms of resting and eating.  I put over half a stone in weight on as just wanted starchy, bulky stuff but its come back off easily now I'm getting back into routine of working and eating a more blanced diet again.  You'll be through the other side before you know it! Keep talking to the staff and be honest with them when they ask how you are feeling as they genuinly want to help.  Good luck and let us know how you're doing xxx