Started chemo/radiation today

Hi Everyone.. i started my first chemo/radiation today..

not feeling to bad at the moment but just a bit scared of the unknown of how iam going to feel and saw some messages on here of people feeling poorly with treatment.. if you do feel poorly can they resolve it for you quickly? And do the antisickness work well for people and have some people been okish with treatment?

i have a phobia of being sick which doesnt help and gets me anxious and all worried.. silly i know in the sceme of things i just wish i didnt worry about just cant shift it.

did people find that it wasnt so bad for them?

thank you

Francesca xxx 

The  anti  sickness  worked for  me fink i only  took 2 of the ones  they  sent home  with me  my mine side  effects  was  extreme  fatigue but I had  bilateral nephostomys so I don't  think that helped and radiation burns  glad  ur  first  day went  well xx

Ohh thats good news that it worked fine for you so hapy to hear just gonna take the ones they sent home and hopefully will be fine, so mainly the tiredness did that start straight away for you coz i feel a bit wiped out now im sitting at home but generally today was fine, did the radiation burns happen later into treatment? X 

im having a bit of pain down below today last 2 days not sure if because of the general symptoms or today. Taking painkillers along side feels like a really strong dull ache/bad period pain xx

My radiation  burns  started on  week 4 when  I started brachy i fink but my team  helped  with creams  when I told them i felt  tired  from beginning  dont think  all the  traveling  helped try n rest  when  u can hun xxxx

Yes ahh ok glad your team got it sorted for you bless you. Bet your so glad its all over now. Yeah its a good 40 min drive to hospital too can imagine now how it wipes you out feel knackered now going to try get early night thanks hun xx

Anytime it felt  weird  at first  not  traveling  to hospital  everyday  i no that  prob sounds  off but it become a routine  sleep  well xx

My treatment wasn't too bad at all x I never felt sick at all.

Sometimes the anxiety makes you feel worse than the treatment x 


its very important to remember that it is easier to keep nausea at bay if you take the pills before. It is harder to get rid of it if you wait for the nausea to come on. 

I didn't feel any type of sickness at all. I felt totally normal until the diarrhea kicked in at the beginning of week 3. Then I struggled with that for about 5 days until I got the right prescription to help me then I was ok again until the very end when I got a burn but they helped with that. I was on some pain killers for that and the cramps from my bowels but overall it's not that bad. I never really was too tired but drained by the end because of the travel and all appointments. 

You will be ok!! Keep telling yourself you got this!! 

Yes i know what you must feel strange after been there so often, had an on sleep woke up with a bit of a headache and feel drained but not to bad today taking tablets as instructed xx

Ahh really thats good to hear, hope your ok now! Yes your right the anxiety is horrendous so draining emotionally too Isnt it and get myself worked up. Xx

Hiya, Thanks Lolli thats great doesnt sound to bad i really hope same is for me so worrying and anticipating whats gonna happen and how u will react but glad it can be managed well, i met with the nurse at the hospital today and was really helpful and was telling me more on side effects and what they can give etc which made me feel a bit better, trying to keep as positive as i can now and strong to get through this journey!!! Its gonna be tough but i can do it thank you for your messages 

Francesca xxx