staging done

Hi Ladies,

So staging complete after last week's scans. 2b cc with pelvic lymph nodes involved. Next phase starts next Monday with an op to transpose my ovaries. Treatment plan is 5 chemo, 28 radio & 3 brachy. Will hopefully start on 22nd June. Am relieved that staging isn't the 3b that was originally expected. Still a long way to go and a bit more waiting but I definitely feel better knowing what I am dealing with.

Onwards and upwards. The boxing gloves are on and I'm in a fighting mood!

Rachel x

Has anyone else had a transposition of ovaries? I think it's fairly uncommon but would be interested to hear the experiences of others.

TThanks in advance

Rachel x

Hi Rach,

I'm glad the waiting is over and you have a game plan! And such a relief that the stage is better than expected. 

As for the transposition of ovaries, I thought that was only an option with surgery? Not sure that your ovaries can be spared if you're doing radiation. 

Anyway, I'm writing to say good luck, and the treatment probably won't be as scary as you might think! I just finished all my chemo and external radiation, and my life has been largely unaffected by the treatment. Not to say that it's been a picnic, I just expected a lot worse. I'll be starting my brachy sessions next week. 

Smiles :)


Oops, didn't notice that you're scheduled to have an operation to transpose your ovaries! That's great, I wonder why I wasn't given that option...


Hi Rachel,

I just wanted to wish you all the best with your treatment.

Be lucky :-)



YAY! Downgraded!! Good luck with everything Hun you'll smash cancers arse!! Xxx

Hi Rach

My treatment starts on 22/06 too and I am 2b as well, 25 radio & 6 chemo & 2 brachy. My staging after colposcopy was 1 but after MRI scan showed that its gone to tissue around cervix so ended as 2b. I was hopeing to have RH but unfortunately this is no longer an option. Have a PET scan next week and hope that this time averythin will be fine. Wish you luck. Please keep in touch so we could exchange our expeirence through this difficult time.

Aggie xxx