staging better but keeping hopes under control

So, after a week of miserable waiting following the results of my cone biopsy and D & C, I had my appointment with my gyno oncologist today. My regular OB-Gyn who had done the cone biopsy etc had told me that I was stage 1B. Oncologist said no - it was 1A1. What a result!! Super pleased, but not really believing. After the solid week of worrying, I was in a complete daze when she told me. The news got better: the biopsy had taken out the tumour and the margins were clear. Nothing going on in the uterus either. So far, so bloody good! But, there are precancerous squamous cells hanging about in the cervix so she’s booked me in for a regular robotic laprascopic hysterectomy. Robotic surgery! What the hell? I have visions of that robot suit that Sigourney Weaver wore in Aliens. Taking the ovaries too to be on the safe side. One of the joys of being 57 and post menopausal.

The only dampner on what could have been the best news ever is that in the next week I have to have an MRI and a PET scan, plus coincidentally my mammogram. The MRI and PET scan are to see if anything is happening elsewhere. If I could get the all clear there I shall get mind blowingly drunk!

Talk about a roller coaster.

Great news x 

:-D Hurrah! I like to put all my tests into one big shopping cart as well. Earlier this month I had my mammogram, pap smear, blood tests (inc. early-stage diabetes) X-rays and CT scans. Didn't bother with the dentist though ;-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi Teresa thats great news I will be thinking about you let us know how you get on. Big hugs xx