Stage2a pet scan to follow

Well today I was told I have stage 2a 

i have to have a pet scan 

but been told it’s been an aggressive cancer I have a mass in my cervix and nearly touching my vaginal wall 

I have a 20mm in right ovary mostly all cancer is on my right side 

still in shock haven’t crumbled yet but I think it’s also been relief to find out 

I know I still have a pet scan to go for hotspots but a plan has been put in place by MDT team in two weeks of a five week course of radiotherapy and chemo then a blast something after not sure of term forgot the name 

I’m doing ok so far told my 4 adult children tonight but stayed strong all the way through and was positive 

just have to tell mum and sister tomorrow which is going to be tough 

may 25th doctors forward me to hospital 

June 4th biopsy and bloods 

June 18th mrt and ct scan 

June 21st told stage2 a 

waiting on pet scan 

and radiotherapy and chemo 


Hi jen,

Stay positive as much as you can it’s half the battle, your bound to have a crumble every now and again we all do but dont let it take over. 

I was diagnosed with stage 3b which was agressive had bust through my vaginal wall all to my right side and pushing on my water pipe.

Its hard telling the people who are closest to you about your diagnosis it was one off the hardest things about my journey worrying about how they would cope but once it sinks in they are your best kind of support. 

I’m guessing your blast you talk about at the end is possibly  bracytherapy bit I could be wrong it’s what I had following chemorads. 

Stay strong be positive, these forums have been a massive help to me for info and guidance so stay in touch if you need it.

Thinking if you 

Marie x


Hi Jen

I am sorry to read of your diagnosis. It is indeed a worrying time. Its good that all seems to be moving quickly for you and things do start to feel a little better once treatment has started. I was staged as 2b in July 2018 and have received amazing support from the ladies on here and sure you will too. It really helps to speak to people who understand and hope we can all help you as much as possible xx


I was diagnosed on the 21st May and I am due to start treatment on Monday. I was initially diagnosed as 1b but they changed my stage due to lymph involment which made me stage 3. 

Ive been on a rollercoaster of a emotions and it’s been tough I won’t lie. I wake up every morning and it seems to hit me but I have amazing support network. 

I’ve been told it’s curative and I concentrate on that. Also there are some wonderful women on this site who have been there done it and got the T-shirt. 

Please do ask any questions you have x

Hi. I was stage 4a three and a half years ago. My tumour was touching the vagina wall and the bladder wall. 

4 weeks of chemorads and 2 long doses of brachytherapy gave me my first NED in may 2016.

The treatment is probably easier to deal with than you think x be positive xxx


i love seeing those three letters and can’t wait to start saying them for myself.

we will all get there one day.

im no professional and I don’t know much I can only go from my own experience how things were for me but if I can help and answer any queries I’ll do my best.

agree with the above the treatment really is no where near as bad as what you expect it to be. 

Marie x

I know how amazing must saying and hearing NED be. I said to my mum that’s what I will say! 

Please do ask any questions you have x


Thank you ladies so much for your thoughts and telling me about your journeys it really helps and sending you ladies so much love to you your all so great 

this weekend I have told all my family Friday evening the children 

Saturday I had to visit my sister and mum I’ve put family first to explain what is happening and have actually told them this site has been a great help to me 

it’s been a hard weekend to say to my loved ones what is happening and going to happen 

but I needed to stay strong this weekend for them but I’ve found it not hard to be strong I suppose because I love them so much I wanted to be strong 

I’ve told them I will fall apart occasionally and I will need them 

sorry I’m blabbering aren’t I lol 

but im good ladies I know now and pet scan to go then on the road for treatment 

i will chat more over the week and if you ladies need a chat I’m here too for you all 

Lockett hope all goes well on Monday let me know how your doing 

lots of love Jen xxxx

Thank you Marie 

I will stay in touch 

mine is the same on my right side too just about to touch the virginal wall yes brachytherapy that’s the word 

I sort of went into a world of my own when I heard that I had it 

I’ve stayed strong this weekend and I’ve have not struggled to be strong I suppose it’s my protective way of dealing with telling family and trying to Tell them I will be ok just going to be a rough ride for a while 

this site has helped me lots so between you the other ladies the nurses and family 

I’m a very lucky lady 

hope you’ve had a good weekend 

chat soon 

lots of love Jen xxx


Hello weeping willow 

thank you for your message was lovely I feel like I’m not alone when I get messages from you and all the ladies 

so im glad you are doing well I’m sure it’s never far from your mind what you’ve been through are you ok now so far ?

thank you for your positive message I’m sure I will be talking to you all lots 

all my love 

Jen x

Locket all my best wishes to you for tomorrow please keep in touch and let us all know how you are 

we’re all in this together aren’t we 

thinking of you and you will get through it’s a rollercoaster for definite stay strong and we’re all here for you too 

pm if you want as we’re going through treatment together 

big hugs and love 

Jen xxxx

DThank you phillpeepa

you are amazing lady 

thank you for your message given me so much hope 

I’m ready for this

going to get rid and have an amazing life after if you can do that then I be fine 

sending you love and thank you for taking the time to message me 

Jen xxxxx

What does NED mean ?

I know it will be a fab word as what you have said about it 

the treatment will be ok they’ve explained it to me I know I will get tired and sick but can deal with that could be so much worse 

so I do all I can to look after myself xx

Thank you Marie 

sending love to you 

Jen xxx


NED = No Evidence of Disease 

you might be surprised with the treatment everyone is different.

i expected the worse but the chemo didn’t effect me at all no sickness no nothing. But if you do they’ve got amazing pills to stop all that.

well done on telling all the family, now time to concentrate on you and go kick butt.


good luck today Locket, first day is always worse, fear of the unknown you’ll smash it

Marie x

Hi Jen,

Telling my loved ones was the hardest part of my whole journey. I felt like I had it all together and was really strong but about 2 days after telling everyone and watching their shock/disbelief/tears etc I completely broke down and had my first good old cry! Bizarrely I felt incredibly guilty for bringing such worry and sadness into their lives, I blamed myself a little bit. But after their initial reactions they have been absolutely amazing and incredibly supportive. 


I found that that some of my friends reached in different ways- some of them couldn’t deal with my diagnosis and have been very distant, think it goes to show who your true friends are when your going through something like this. 


All i I can say is that at first I felt like I was the only person in the world going through this, but forums like this are a wonderful way of connecting with people and sharing worries, concerns and also celebrating the good news too! 


Sending lots of love and prayers xx