Stage Ib or II headed in for tests

Hi guys,

Boy am I glad I found ya.

What is it with these doctors not telling you anything? It is like everyone is so afraid to be wrong?

I had atypical pap HPV-18 and biopsy said endometrioid endocervical cancer CEA and ER positive. No vintemin (thats good) no PR

They didn't tell me they were ripping my insides out in the bioposy and then the oncologist doesn't tell me really much.

He thinks my tumor is just in cervix and bigger than 4cm so I don't qualify for surgery. But sending me for MRI and Pet scan to be sure.

Ideally I stay a Stage 1B and get to have surgery. He thinks I am most likely a Stage II and has gone into connective tissue.

I did some doom and gloom research and narrowed it down to the end of the world and ovarian cancer--

so this is all good news to me ha!

That being said.

What can I expect? Or you really don't know until the Pet and MRI come back?

He isn't worried about diet or herbs or medicine or exercise or anything?

He's just some cancer concentrated person? [Name of doctor removed] in Miami?

Has anyone read the studies on pubmed about green tea, cloves or resveratrol directly applied to cancer and cell death?

Am I crazy if I wear tea bags until my tests in an attempt to get my tumor below 4cm?

Too late! I'm trying it lol


Firstly big hugs, the waiting is definitely the worst part but I have learnt (the hard way) that no amount of worrying or googling will change anything. Def try the teabag thing I am doing nutribullet juicing and I think it's helping take control a little bit of a situation I have no control of.  Hope results come back good news for you. In meantime try and get into a box set or watch movies to take your mind off things or plan some nice things, it has helped distract me.  Xxxx

Hi Blondzilla :-)

Yes, I think you will find that any doctor who knows enough about cancer to be treating it can probably be very well described as a cancer-concentrated person. As such he will know very much more about cancer than any non-cancer-concentrated person. Therefore, if any good was to be had from green tea, diet, herbs, exercise or fairies at the bottom of the garden, he'd know about it. What he does know is that surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy work, so he'll probably focus on those sorts of treatments even though he is based in Miami.

Be lucky :-)

Hi there, 4cm or above I believe would atlas be a 1b2 but any spread no matter how small into the tissue next to the cervix will be a 2b. Think 2a1 and 2a2 are spread into the vagina and split into thirds the 2a2 being the lower third. Diet and all these things although they might help your body through the treatment are not gking to effect the cancer itself, he will be looking at curative treatments like radical hysterectomy or chemo and radiation. Possibly both!! You can certainly do things to help along the way but like tivoli says he's going to do what he knows works to make sure you are cancer free :)


Take care

Charlene xx

Hi Blondzila 

I have been diagnosed stage 2B but waiting for Exam under anaesthetic in 3 days to absolutely confirm situation.CT and MRI showed no nodes or mets. Am scared witless they might find bladder spread even though no reason to think this to be fair. Lovely docs and seem very sensible.I know I will be having chemo radio and brachy starting likely in 2 weeks. Have 3 children 14, 13 and 5 so having to keep strong and positive for them which helps a bit - don't know about you but I feel I struggle constantly between coping and breaking down.  Is this normal? They said many stage 2 women are treated successfully and are well past 5 years (one my nurse knows who is 15 years post and let's be honest that's cured. Esp as 15 years ago the treatment wasn't anywhere as advanced. I obsessively hold onto this! Am currently getting myself ironically the fittest I have ever been in my life - one hour solid on treadmill at gym every am and a walk with  friend in the afternoon as work very nice and said just stay away and get yourself well. This thing is so overwhelming - hold on we will get through this together!


Hi Hannah 

i know exactly how you feel. Vim waiting for the staging results and I move smoothly and with no reason from coping and getting on with life to being a sobbing wreck.  Since I had my tests I feel a bit better but it's still so hard.  When I first found out I think I went to shock mode and shut down but I found doing things and trying to get back to normality has helped.

like you were saying about exercise there is a good recent post about diet and Things. I've overhauled my diet to try and get strong for the fight, also loving yoga as well!

im not one for listening to the odds but I want to make sure I'm going to rip them heavily my way, and sounds like ur doing the same!



In my experience (am I an old hand now, three weeks in?!) the flipping between calm and panicking is really normal. The not knowing and waiting to find out more and more is stressful, we are out of control and our fears of course overcome us. It may help to remember that this response is pretty normal, a cancer diagnosis is pretty extreme bad news. Seek support from the helplines, friends, therapy of any sort, writing, prayer, herbs...  whatever works for you. See if you can accept that this fluctuation is part of the process, the good and the bad, and seek some positive eg. visualising the cancer getting smaller and smaller with every outbreath / visualising only the best possible outcomes at appointments  / drinking green tea (lots of evidence of benefits of green tea). The medics are marvellous and are working away in the background between our appointments to bring together all their expertise to help us and they can do so much. Lots of love to you and to all of us. 

Wow thanks Moonfish and Kimmy - it so helps to know we are not alone and the Complete and utter panic mixed with trivial life going on moments is normal. I have apparently got a very individual tumour that after today they have now said us more like  2 A than a B but doesn't go vaginally  (as is adenocarcinoma apparently they behave a bit differently) and there is currently a ccomplicated decision about whether I might manage with surgery alone (unusual for a 2 but they can't actually feel the spread despite scans being suggestive and they trust their clinical feel more. Even so, if the surgery didn't show wide clear margins from the pathology and all negative nodes I will need to move straight onto chemo-radio - am trying to not get too hopeful and accepting this may happen. All a bit complicated but at least a bit of positive direction - don't know about you girls but it's the constant swinging between things - waiting then having to digest the next huge bit of news I find so hard. Meanwhile I have booked some time for relaxation sessions and am defo going to get onto the green tea now - honestly what a bloody stupid way to finally find the solution to a lifetimes battle with weight loss - turns out exercise and healthy small.portions works really well after all when you really have the motivation to do it!!!