Stage Changes and Clinical Oncology Service

Hiya ladies, I am very new to this page… I’m "currently Stage 2B … so my questions are:

  1. is it possible to change the stage after the PET-CT scan after identifying the stage in a previous MRI?

  2. what happens in Clinical Oncology Service meeting.

3.what so i need to do in preparation?

Thanks so much in advance

I’m sorry you have found yourself here. The early part of diagnosis, prior to starting treatment is scary.
Yes, your staging can change after a PET scan. The MRI and pet scan are used to create a ‘bigger picture’ of how big/small it is, and whether it is localised or if it has spread. I went from 2a (having a hysterectomy) I think to a 3a (having chemorads as it had spread to my lymph nodes.

As to how you can prepare: rest, try to relax and take a deep breath and try whatever you do is stay off Facebook cervical cancer pages and use the resources here at Jo’s. So many positive stories and friendly help and guidance. I called the helpline and they were amazing.


Yes your staging can change after a pet scan but this does not necessarily mean the outcome will change.

A few years ago a stage 1 b could be a 1b with infected lymphedema nodes, these days they will change this to a stage 3c instead of a stage 1 or 2

Do not let this freak you out as the numbers online are outdated.

I was a stage 1b3 with suspecting of infected nodes, and turned a stage 2b with no infected lymphedema nodes according to my pet scan.

I had 6 weeks of chemo, radiation and brachytherapy and found it to be completely do-able.

I am now 3,5 years out with little to no side effects other then a mild neuropathy to my feet due to the chemo

You can do this :rose::rose::rose:


Hi @Harvitt , I hope that you are still on the forum and you will see my message. On February this year I found that I have CC, I had radical histerectomy with limph nodes out, after the surgery the histopalogic came, limph nodes clear, stage 1B2, but my type of SCC poorly differentiated G3 and also I had LVSI involved. I am so scare regarding this type of SCC. You had histerectomy ? How was your trearment after histerectomy ? Thank you so much :hugs::hugs::hugs:

I’m sorry you are going through this. But please try and stay calm and take each day as it comes. You will get through this, I promise.
I had the chemo rads option as it was too big to operate on and it was in my lymph nodes, so I didn’t have a hysterectomy.
I’m 4 years out the other side if it helps. If I can help just inbox me.



@Harvitt so happy that you answer to me and so so happy that you are ok​:blush::hugs:. I read a lot on the forum trying to find others ladies with SCC poorly differentiated, G3, and are very few. I wrote to some ladies with SCC G3 but only you answer to me​:hugs: till now. My doctor didn’t give to many information after he saw my histopatologic result only mentioned: LVSI involve+KI-67 high in cells, this marker confirmed that the type of SCC is G3, in rest all good. Because he saw this 2 factors he decided to do also the treatment radio chimio.
You did the normal treatment ciplastin+radio+brahi?