Stage 41

Hey , i got the terrifying news i have stage 41 as its moved to my bladder and bowel . Ive been told ill have to have an illioscopy ( small intestine conversion ) before i can even start my treatment and im super scared !!!ive been able to prepare my self for pooping out of a bag but im just scared it will spread more before treatment even starts its been months since diagnosis . They said they cant do aything and will have to just try and shrink my cancer before removal anyway and now its after this surgery . My diet has become completely antiimflamitory hollistic juicing up the wazoo trying everything i can to help delay growth as much as i can . Does anyone have any tips xx jess


Hi Jess

I’m so sorry you are in this situation. All good thoughts and energy to you as you prepare for this journey. I would perhaps go easy on juicing unless it’s veg juice only as cancer does love sugar. You are probably on the right track with that though if you are doing anti inflammatory. Just my 2 cents. I’m also a big believer of daily baby aspirin (adjusted if needed for weight), some studies show that aspirin can block cancer from spreading. Good luck & keep us posted :heart:

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Hi Jessi

Cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through; especially as I know you’ve been supportive with me. I am so sorry the stage means you need surgery before you can start treatment.

I bloody hope they move swiftly now for you. I know there is an advance forum as part of this site that might give you some additional support and advice?

Please keep in touch and sending you all the hugs I can

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Hey love winz thankyou for that . That sounds interesting about the asprin!! Ive been told sodium bicarbanate to slow growth is good also . Im juicing with the roughage and only apples and berrys as far as the fruit goes u hope thats not to much sugar . Ive been loveing the ginger and tumeric any cold that comes along completely smashes it . If you have aby more tips plz dont hesitate to msg me xx jess

Hey peachy . I know i cant believe it myself i think im just so frustrated i cant start treatment . But i hope that it wont spread in the mean time . All i can do now is change my diet as much as i can to prepare my body for whats to come ill have a look. Into the advanced chats. I havent been able to find anyine else who is habing to have an illiostomy from cervical yet x

Hi @Jessi

Oddly this week I got chatting with a lady at chemo who is your stage and had to have a bag before treatment. She was very thankful to get this surgery done before hand and thankfully her latest scan shows she is in remission! Cancer hasn’t grown for her.

Sharing to give you strength.

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This is good news but i have some great news . My oncologist was convinced it was in the colon but my tests came back as clear i was so happy i cried !!! She said even tho its pushing on the wall of the colon and causing it ti push in it hasnt infultrated it yet . Im over the moon so no bag for me . This means my staging is 3c now so ill hopefully start chemo radio very soon and blast this thing fir 5 weeks then have my operation . So releived . Thankyou for your encouragement peachy !! Yiu are amaze i hope your chemo radio is doing well


Oh jessi! I am beyond happy for you!!! I would have done the same crying in your position!

Onwards to treatment and getting the cancer blasted!

Treatment is going as well as I can expect and I cannot believe I am moving into week 3 already!


Thats amazing !! Im having my scan tomorrow for pin pointing the area . How are you feeling over all? . Like tiredness and hair loss . Is your pain gotten any less x


Tiredness is the biggest side effect for me along with bowel issues. I do have a few night sweats.

No hair loss currently but I do feel it’s thinning but that could really be all in my head.

My pain is MILES better. I’ve gone from having painkillers every 4 hours (paracetamol and ibuprofen) to just 4 tablets of paracetamol as and when needed.

I do have emotional up and down days but to be expected I guess! I mean it is cancer.

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Checking in lovely to see how you are doing?