Stage 4 Symptoms- honest replies needed x

Hi everyone,
Sorry, back on again. Hard day today ahead of my staging tomorrow morn. From the MRI Radiologist’s look last night when I asked her about my cells and the fact that she said “I’ll pray for you” I am of course assuming the very worst tomorrow. I know it has spread. However I am very confused. My symptoms were post coital bleeding twice this yr and some clear discharge. I have been quite tired and lost some weight but I had the energy to walk 25km a day for 2 weeks in Spain in Sept. I am not in any pelvic pain or discomfort. I do not feel sick (but obvs I am, I have cancer! It’s at least a 2 according to first consultant) Could I be Stage 4? My hysteroscopy biopsy a few months ago showed healthy tissue in my uterus. Doesn’t CC spread there first or could it be elsewhere? I don’t want to be doom n gloom but I genuinely want to be prepared for the very worst tomorrow. From you ladies experience, is 4 a likelihood?
Many thanks,

Hi Maeve, 


It sounds like you're in a right tizz (understandibly so). So when I was first disgnosed they said "you have cancer, we don't know how much it has spread but it is likely to be no less that 1b. There is me thinking the same as you and the panic caused me to have every symptom under the sun. I felt sick all the time, I had the worst back ache amongst loads of other things. I ended up have such a small 1b1 tumour that the LLETZ actually got most the tumor, but there was spotting of cancer, so I was lucky enough to have a trachelectomy and fortnuately no more treatment. My point is, until they have the results they don't know for sure. I'm not saying that it won't be bad news, but to me it sounds like the symptoms are ones typical of being anxious/ stressed/ on edge as it seems strange you didn't have these before being diagnosed. 


On the "i'll pray for you" comment, Ii really think she was trying to comfort you and isn't a sign that it is bad news. This maybe something she herself found find comforting if she was going through something simular so thought it was calm you. I really wouldn't read too much into that. They have to be very professional about this kind of thing to avoid panic. 


Also, I don't think you'll be able to walk 25km if you were as ill as stage 4 would make you. 


Hope this puts your mind at ease a little bit and good luck tomorrow. 



Maeve, hi,

The radiologist was  in an awkward position as it is not for her to tell you the staging. She probably didn't want to ignore your question as well so said what she said to you. Maybe she saw a cross you were wearing and felt what she said was the right thing to say. 

we could speculate as much as we want but I would say like Amy, don't read too much into it. We all think the worst at first - human nature! 

Tomorrow you will get your answers. i am not going to say don't worry yourself tonight and try getting a good night sleep as I remember how I felt 5 years ago...

stay strong and let us know how it went.

Big hugs and positive thoughts for tomorrow.