Stage 4 experience

I have been diagnosed today and just waiting for treatment.
Is there anyone on here who could tell me what I may expect. It’s 4a so Dr said it’s curable x

I have no experience of stage 4a I'm afraid as I'm 1b1 but just wanted to give you a hug and say you are in the right place for support. Please do keep us updated and ask questions when needed 



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You might find many more answers and experiences on the advanced cancer forum which is especially for stage 4 ladies. 

There are also many Facebook groups that have stage 4 sub groups.

The very best of luck with your trearment.


Hey hun.  I'm also a stage 4a.  Was diagnosed last Xmas. Had 28 external radiation, 3 internal radiation and 5 chemo. Treatments not as bad as it seems x

Fabulous to see you around Nicky!
Don't go far!
Loads of love to you and Carole

Thanks tivoli nice to see you here too love to you x

Hey, I have advanced cc I don't know what grade as I've never asked - ask away - I am very honest btw!

i had 7 sessions of chemo, 28 sessions of radiotherapy and 3 bracatherapy (they put three rods inside you and blast you with radiation). I won't lie my personnel experience was horrible I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy!

Af the 1st session I lost all my hair - I was on a very strong chemo & everyone reacts differently! - I had issues with my bladder leaking and I still do but this is due to my cancer putting a hole in my bladder :-(. The chemo made me violently sick literally, I went down to 6st I was a walking skeleton and still am- the weight is slowly coming back on :-), I eventually lost my eyebrows and eyelashes at the end of my chemo as well - they've grown back and so is my hair (yay!!). The radiotherapy played hack on my bladder and bowls but this eventually settled and. The brachy didn't bother me...when they were taking the rods out is a different story!! It took 6 weeks for all the side effects to settle: when I first started chemo extremely painful pins and needles in my feet - I couldn't walk, extreme tiredness - I slept for 18 hours a day and would still be tired!, sickness - they give you anti sickness tablets after chemo which didn't work for me 7 different types of tablets later I hot new that worked!, pain in my lady area after and during the radiotherapy, sores inside my vigina and my skin turned black but soon turned back to normal, generally feeling like crap, getting exhausted when trying to walk anywhere I had to keep sitting down and sometimes still do, my whole body would just ache! i would also have sores in my mouth and couldn't eat or brush my teeth when they flaired up - not without crying, migraines, I've lost count of the water infections I had! I also had 5 stays n hospital and a really bad back - wooh exhausting!

BUT like I said everyone reacts different and I got the short straw! Being anemic and having to have 10+ pints of blood didn't help.

i am so sorry if be scared you - like I said I am honest! If you want to talk you can inbox me xx

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Hi x did your treatment last around 6 weeks? Did you have any overnight stays? 

I'm a planner and am struggling either not knowing what is going on. Roll on Thursday. 

I think my first treatment may be 22nd December.  Am I going to feel awful xmas eve and xmas day? We are supposed to be going to the panto xmas eve - am I expecting too much?

There is no overnight stays unless your hospitalised for something xx

Hi phileepa, my oso stage 4 ...tml will start her 1st chemo and oral chemo . Wish it cures....i m panic and shaking but i need to stay tough in front of advise how we should do?

Hi Phileepa, how are you doing? I’m newly diagnosed and the doctor suspected spread as I’m having chest pains and blood in urine. So more like stage 4b for me. I’m totally devastated and scared, lots of dark thoughts and panic attacks. I’m only 37.

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I am so sorry, it is such a dreadfull position to be in.
I 'm not phileepa but I do know she’s thriving. she pops up here every now and then. I figured telling you this might give you some peace of mind.

I was stage 2b and in 13 days I am 2 years out, and clear from cancer.

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Thank you for the reply Izzy. I realized she’s stage 4a. Mine possibly 4b. I’m happy that you’re in remission and I pray you stay that way and live a long and happy life. I’m not as fortunate as mine can’t be cured anymore. I’ve ignored the subtle symptoms in 2 yrs didn’t realized it could be cervical cancer til this few months when I bled like I have multiple periods in a month and a persistent watery discharge plus pelvic pain. It was too late. It’s so sad. It’s just so unfair.

did you have your scans yet? I had the bleeding and dis charge Too.Thought it was caused by my Csection 4 months prior

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also, the’re is a private part on this forum,for all the brave ladies living with stage 4 cancer. you will be well looked after by then , but you’ll have apply to be let in first.

Hi, are you in remission now? I’m possibly facing a stage 4b diagnosis as the doctor suspects lung and bladder Mets. I guess I’m just trying to find any glimpse of hope that I can still beat this. Thank you and sending much :heart:

Hi Izzy I had the CT scans today but it will just confirm what I already know. I guess at this point I’m just looking for positive outcome of anyone who was stage 4 and was able to beat this. As I’m feeling so down and defeated already knowing the odds.

I knowhow scared you must feel. There is this one lady, annasparkles who has been cured from 4b with lung mets. Also, I personally know lady with 4b brain mets and she is almost 4 years clear.

Do not give up , as hard as this is, you can do this . Sending lots of love your way

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I appreciate your reply and kindness. Quick question, would the CT scan be sufficient to know what the stage of the cancer is? Or more tests needed? I did the CT scan today to assess for distant Mets. Is it already enough to see if the cancer has spread or not? Thank you