Stage 4 Clinical Remission

Hi All

I am in total TOTAL shock!  I had a reoccurrance to my lungs diagnoed last year and had 5 months of Taxol/carbo/avastin treatment.  I got through it and yesterday I went to see my Oncologyst to find the results and plan for my radiotherdapy.

My Oncologyst showed me my CT report which says no CT evidence of active disease.  My oncologyst wants to see me in 3 months for another scan.  I do NOT need radiotherapy at the moment and he has said I can say I am currently in Clinical Remission.

I just cannot believe it.  I feel numb, happy, but numb.  What the hell is going on?? Im Stage 4!!!!!

Im taking it 3 months at a time.  I am aware the disease could become active again but I'll take a 3 month break!

Keep bloody fighting girls!!!!

Anna xx

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Bloody marvellous! You must be over the moon! Or at least, you will be once that news has filtered all the way down past security ;-)

Fantastic, fantastic fantastic!

Runs to find dancing shoes



Fantastic news Anna! :-) so pleased for you xx



Oooh Anna Sparkles

I just got goosebumps all over. That is amazing! Your post is going to give hope to so so many people.

Fab news, another victory x x x

Amazing news xx

Fantastic news. Well done you xxxxx

Amazing!!! So happy for you, what a great bit of news :-)

Like you said, just take it 3 months at a time and bloody enjoy yourself not being in hospital - have some fun, you deserve it!

Keep fighting, Lucy xxx

That's amazing news! Well done you!

love Anne xx

What a lovely post to read, Anna. :) Brilliant news! Thanks for sharing!


Kirsty xx

That's one way to cheer us all up. well done you.

Can I ask, if you were 1b2, how did you know there was lymph node involement?  I thought it was chemoradiation for stage 1b2.


YAAAY!!! Fantastic news Anna Xx

Incredible news Anna, I am so, so pleased for you.  Long may it continue!



Thanks ladies!


April1965 I had a pet scan at my original diagnosis which showed 'glowy' lymph nodes which is why I did have chemo radiation and brachytherapy instead of a hysterectomy.  I Han ONE abnormal para-aortic lymph node in my tummy so they radiated a large area.  I responded well to the treatment but at my 1st 6 month scan it was found in my lungs. I was really unlucky. Fortunately my primary site was clear so I went onto the chemotherapy I described in my original post and so far (fingers crossed) it's working!! 

I have faith in my Oncologist and I've looked after my mind as well as my body.


Wonderful news!! Xx

I just wanted to say how truly delighted I am for you, that wonderful feeling that you have 'got your life back' even at three months at a time is quite a blessing. A big well done to you xx

Fab news hunni!! Excellent xx

Such a positive story thank you and wishing you continued good results xxx 

Just Fantastic news wow... shows it can be done well done well done well done !!!!!



So pleased for you :)



Fantastic!!! That's the kind of  news we love to here.

Stay positive xxx

Much love, dons