Stage 4 Cervical Cancer

I am newly diagnosed stage 4 cervical cancer. I had total hysterectomy but the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes and to my chest. I was given Taxol, Carboplatin, Avastin & Keytruda (6 cycles). I had minimal side effects. In 2 weeks times, I will have another PET CT-scan. I am just checking whether anyone here facing the same situation? My oncologist had briefly said he will give me immunotherapy for a year.


Hi Mincmcg

I’m so sorry you find yourself in this situation but glad to hear that you didn’t suffer too much from the side-effects of the treatment.
If you join the ‘Living with advanced cervical cancer’ side of the forum ( it is private) you will find many ladies who have gone through a similar experience and treatment and who are always willing to offer support and share experiences.

Robin x


Was going to say the same!!

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Hi Mincmag,

I just want to send you a big hug, I am waiting as well for some post treatment scans and I didn’t want to not say anything. Prayers and good thoughts for a clear scan! It’s so good that you didn’t have many side effects, I jist did taxol and carboplatin/cisplatin and I was so so tired and achy, I finished 6 months ago.

HI Mry1,

Thanks replying. So, you have a break for 6 months. Did you do the immunotherapy?

No, I just had 5 infusions of the chemo mix after the chemorads and brachy because my oncologist wanted me to have a histerectomy and she said I should be having chemo before that but I decided not to have the surgery after consulting radio doctors and some surgeons.