Stage 4 CC with Lung Mets CURED!!!! I bloody did it!!!!

Theres about a million emotions I’m feeling at the moment. I was a told Stage 4 Cervical Cancer meant I was Palliative and that I was probably going to die. I was told there was only a 5% chance I would be alive in 5 years time. Well guess what??? Today I had the results of my 5 year scan and for the first time I was told by my Oncologist I was cured. CURED!!! I did it. I made it and I cant really believe it as I thought it was basically impossible. I’ve worked so hard and had the support of so many lovely people. I wouldn’t have made it without my family and I cannot stress how important you ladies have been.

I know I am incredibly fortunate and I think of all you ladies all the time but bloody well done Anna you absolute fucking legend !!!



Well done Anna,

This is really fantastic news!

I hope you have a superb celebration lined up.

Karen x


This brought me to tears, so happy for you ❤️

Congratulations, you're amazing! Hope you have a good time celebrating.

Oh wow Anna, that is absolutely wonderful and I am so delighted for you. Go and celebrate, deffo a legend  xx

Wonderful news!

That is the most amazing news ever. I am so so happy for you x 

Definitely a LEGEND  xxxx

This is just wonderful! So very very pleased for you xx

Im new to the forum, this is actaully my first post, but I wanted to comment because seeing your post gave me hope thank you and CONGRATS!

Oh Anna!

You fucking legend!
I am so incredibly happy for you I'm bawling my eyes out!
Stay on the forum! Be that shining light in other women's darkness.

I can't use my usual sign-off!
Lucky woman! :-)

Amazing!!! I hope you have the most amazing celebrations!! The biggest congratulations lovely!! 


Thank you for sharing your joy xxxx

I'm so happy for you, take care and enjoy having lots of celebrations!! xxx

Well done Anna, you absolute LEGEND! Celebrate girl! xxx

Such wonderful news! You are a rockstar!

Thank you my darling! You've been such a help throughout this shite journey.   Sending all the love! Anna xx

Such wonderful news Anna! You are amazing and give us all hope xxx 

Wow Anna!

I am so very pleased for you! This is amazing newslaughing sooo happy xx

Go celebrate!!

You are a superhero! It’s amazing news, it’s absolutely bloody brilliant.

Hope you celebrate in style xxxx

That is absolutely fantastic news! What a result Anna - incredible! Wow! Enjoy the moment lovely, you deserve it xx

Oh wow Anna, that's beautiful news!