stage 4. 2 b

My g f just been given the diagnosis stage 4 2 b. She's 38 and mother to 3 not to mention my world, please somebody give us a little hope


Hi, I had stage 2b and am now all clear there are lots of women that fight and win. It doesn't matter what stage the cancer is she will just need to be ready for the biggest fight of her life. X


This is, I know,  devastating news for  you both and  all the family.  At the start it is hard to get your head around and you will probably think, as I did, that's it -no hope I'm  gonna die.  Sorry to be frank but I say it as I think it. HOWEVER as time went on and I 'got used' to it, I began to realize that actually, it's not over at all.  THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE.  It's very easy to write yourself off in the first few days/weeks aftr diagnosis - we probably all do it no matter what stage  we are.  

There are stage 4 ladies on here like myself and I hope more of them will come on here and reply to you with their encouragement.  Only when you are stage 4  you understand the fear.  

I'm not going to say 'try not to worry'  because that's just rubbish - you will worry, but I would say try to keep busy, do things as normal, and if you are offered a treatment plan, take it and know that you will be doing something positive to get rid of this intruder.

Again, sorry to be frank but I think it is more realistic.

And finally DO NOT GOOGLE IT, it will freak you out, rely on your oncologist for info that is specific to your case.


Best wishes,  Sharon

It's terrifying but there will be a treatment plan and lots of people working hard to get you through it. Take all offers of help from friends and family and keep talking to one another. We've kept our children in the loop and they keep us going. It's tough, a journey, but life is for living, not worrying about dying. There is lots of support for you both on this site. Lots of love and let us know how you get on. Karen

Hi I'm sorry to hear your news, my names Laura I'm 34 with stage 4a and I was terrified when I was diagnosed, I thought that's it I'm going to die and yes I googles it! Big mistake but I've finished my chemo an radio and was told last week that my tumour had shrunk so much I didn't need treatment for a further 3 months when I am hoping it will be gone completely so please always hope as long as you've got that you should be able to help your wife and kids through this difficult time. It's a long road. I have 4 children and they are what's for me through everything it's thrown at me! hope these messages give you a little hope 

Laura x

I was diagnosed stage 2B in 2003 so well past the 5year all clear and am cured. 

Also said my cancer cells were of the most aggressive kind which is rare in older women (I was 42).

Hope this helps but understand its tough get support for yourself too.

Please read my blog... I was stage 3 and am 4.5 years in remission. You can do it xx