Stage 3c mri

Hey guys i ve posted here a while aho amd today i ve received the results from the mri but not from the biopsy, stage 3c, i do know there s some problem with a urether or something like that but apart from that i do not want to read the mri conclusions… I m just waiting the result from my biopsy to start treatment hopefully although in my country a lot of doctors are saying that i need surgery first which i do not understand…

I am just 29 and I just want to survive, that s all … thank you

J am so sorry you have found yourself in this position. stage 3C is curable.remember that. you will most likely get chemo and Radiation but if the lumor is pressing on your urether they might book you in to get a stent fitted, this isa small surgical procedure.Wishing you allthe best


Hey! I was diagnosed last year as stage 4. The tumour spread to my bladder and put me into kidney failure. I had 2 nephrostomy’s fitted.

A year later, after radiotherapy and brachytherapy, I’ve still got 1 nephrostomy in situ, it’s not ideal but I started back to work today so stick in. It’s a long road but it’s do-able. Xxx



My oncologist and my radiologist both told me that I do no need a nephrostomy yet and their hope is that the tumor will shrink and the problem will solve itself. I trust them and hopefully I’ll be ok, my hydronephrosis is grade II I guess it’s not that bad yet.

Happy for you that you’re back to work :blush:

That’s good news, it’s a pain but it saved my life.

Sending hugs for the road ahead. Xx

Hi Rachael great to hear your doing well and are back at work I know how much you missed it.
I am 3 weeks post treatment and doing well I hope to go back to work next month not that I love it as much as you😂
Take care x

Hey there!

I’m so sorry that you’re going through this but stage 3C is indeed curable! My mother was also diagnosed with stage 3C cervical cancer last month and she’s doing very well she just finished her second chemo yesterday. The usual route for stage 3C is chemotherapy combined with radiotherapy as well as brachytherapy, depending on your oncologist team. My mother is doing 6 cycles of chemo (every three weeks) and then it will be followed by 25 rounds of radiotherapy and 3 rounds of brachytherapy. I know it’s gonna be a long and tough process, but it’s doable!!! I know you can get through this!! Sending big hugs and prayers your way. Oh and one more thing! Stay out of google and if you have any questions, please just post them here as I believe all the ladies will be glad to help and assist you with their experiences! xx


Kayla you are so nice, thank you so much for taking time to answer. I wish your mother all the health in the world, my mom has metastatic breast cancer so I know how it feels when your mom is going through something.

I wish all ladies in here to be healthy and happy in the future. I’m from Romania and there is no group like this in here, it’s been such a savior!

I think I’m going to start treatment on Monday or Tuesday for six weeks, Cisplatin and radiotherapy and then brachy, so not too far along from your mom!

Good luck with your treatment. Treatments today are excellent we will all be thinking of you.

Take care x

Heyy there!

Thank you for your kind wishes. So glad to know that you already know your start date. 6 weeks won’t be that long!! Don’t forget to eat more greens and drink fresh juice, I heard it’s helpful since it’s loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and anti-cancer agents!

I’m sorry to hear that your mum is struggling with metastatic breast cancer, how is she doing now? True this forum is such a safe haven for me and my mum too! Ahhh you’re from Romania. Salutare! Greetings from Indonesia! (I too, I’m not originally from the UK although I used to live in the UK for a few years)
Wishing you happiness and health! xx



In the meantime I’ve been told that the first chemo infusions could be carboplatin, due to my anemia and slightly increased creatinine. I had a blood transfusion yesterday and having another one now, hopefully it will raise my Hb. I’m also very anxious because I have not had any lung scan and I feel a tightness in my chest and some cough and mucus … Praying it’s from the anemia and the cold.

My mom is doing well, praise God. She’s not 100% but she is stable and her blood work keeps getting better. I m worried about her and feel guilty that I’ve brought this to myself by not having pap smears and causing her all this suffering.

All in all, I’m grateful for every day and the medical care I’m getting and praying it all works out.

Thank you so much for getting back to me!

Hello I’m still waiting on a stage after mri results and ct scan it’s so reassuring to know that your mom is being treated at this stage I’m worried sick, can I ask if your mom had many symptoms before she was diagnosed please xx

Hey there!

First of all, I pray that the cough and tightness in your chest are just from the cold. When you’re diagnosed with cancer, you tend to think that every little change in your body is associated with cancer.

Just to let you know in hope to make you feel better, my mum also had a persistent cough with mucus for more than a month when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer back in the end of August. I was petrified and just like yours, during the diagnosis they didn’t scan her chest/thorax and our minds kept imagining worst-case scenarios. Eventually, before the chemo, they did a ct scan on my mum’s chest and abdomen to ensure that there’s no spread. We were waiting in fear of the unknown but thankfully the result shows that everything is clear!

From that, I just want to let you know that sometimes a cough is just a cough, and the tightness in your chest could be from your anxiety (knowing what you’re going through). I hope this will be the case with you as well, but if the cough and the tightness in your chest continue to persist, please talk to your oncologist’s team as I believe they know better!

I’m beyond glad to know that your mother is stable and no need to feel guilty, it’s not your fault, really. You just need to be healthy and strong for your treatment!! I’m praying and I’m sure that your treatment will work out to kill all those bastards!

Stay healthy and happy! Sending prayers for you! x


Hey Dawnann!!

I’m sorry that you’re going through this. I know that waiting for the unknown is truly hard as you kept thinking of worst-case scenarios, but please stay out of google and just post your question here. As for the symptoms, my mum only had very light postmenopausal bleeding/spotting for three days in July 2021 and we immediately went to the gynecologist. During the internal check, the gynecologist describes my mum’s cervix as ‘friable’ because it easily bleeds when the tool touches it, that’s when we knew that something is wrong. I believe the symptoms will depend on the size and the location of tumor. Initially, the doctor thought that it’s stage 2B, however, after all the scans, the stage bumped up to 3C due to lymph nodes involvement.

I am wishing you all the best with your scan result, please try not to worry too much!
Sending big hugs and prayers your way! xx


Thank you so much for your reply these are the exact symptoms I have, just a few spots of blood which started 6 weeks ago and slight pelvic pain, when the consultant saw my cervix it was friable and bled a lot because there was also a bad infection there, she asked if I had only just stated having symptoms! Mri and ct were booked while I was in the office in case it had spread to lymph nodes, so glad your mom is doing well give her my best wishes, so odd to think I felt fine then all of a sudden this xx

Hey Kayla,

I’m beyond grateful for your words of reassurance and encouragement …

My haemoglobin has been raised from the two blood transfusions and iron infusions, praise God. I started to take some drops for my stuffed nose and some natural pills to eliminate the mucus and I think I’m feeling better. I’m in the hospital and all the staff members are amazing, I am feeling truly blessed to have such good care!

All the best for you and your mom, God is great and we need to have faith!

Hey Dawnann,

I’m sending positive healing thoughts your way and I hope your road ahead will be filled with good healing vibes.

Thank you so much xx