Stage 2B... Really freaking out

Hi everyone, 

I've already posted here about my recent diagnosis (stage 2B with Lymph node involvment), but I'm looking ofr some more words of resassurnace (esp from 

ladies who are of a similar stage to mine. I am TRYING to keep positive, but the knowledge of all the survival statistics (about 50%) keep intruding into my 

head and I fell like I'm teetering on the brink of a melt down.  If anyone can offer some sensible words of encouragement please do. 


I'm struggling at the moment 


Thank you

Hi Jenny,

i was stage 2b and have been a year free, try not to think of statistics as a lot of them dont take into account deaths that are not cancer related. I have a friend who has been clear for 6 years! You can beat this and survive. If you need to talk message me any time.


Laura xx

Hello Jenny.  I know the fear you are experiencing - I was initially diagnosed stage 1B then restaged at stage 4 after surgery, so devastating. However, that was in October 2012 and after thinking that death was imminent - lo & behold I'm still here 19 months later.  

I've had the full whammy of treatments as you can read in my signature below and both follow-up scans have showed - as the oncologist puts it - 'no signs of recurrence'  (I hate the term 'all clear', I wish people wouldn't use it!) I'm due another scan in August, so fingers crossed.  I feel good, as good as can be mentally & physically given my outlook, if you read the statistics!  I think  statistics scare the pants off most ladies but remember, nothing is 100% ( I work with statistics so I know full well that there is always one that doesn't perform as you would like it or as you expect it to - doesn't fit in with what is expected almost! - you,  or I could be that one! 

You say you are struggling at the moment - you will struggle , for a bit, there's no point in lying to you, it comes with the teritory. Cancer strikes fear into the heart of the most brave.  What will occur to you over the coming weeks & months is that you will be expected to go through a range of treatments that the  specialists have planned for you.  Therefore, they haven't written you off, they are going to treat this bugger & hopefully beat it into remission! So, don't you write yourself off either - get your boxing gloves on for the big fight.  

Treatment may be tough, chemo certainly isn't a walk in the park for most of us.  In my experience the overwhelming fear that I was going to die was taken over by getting through the treatment. I had a goal if you like, blinkers on I went head on into the brink.   I got to the finish line & boy it felt great to have achieved that.  I completed all active treatment exactly 1 year ago yesterday, 1st July.  I've two new 'anniversaries' to add to lifes ''dates to remember''.  22/10/12 when I was diagnosed and 01/07/13 when I completed treatment.

Please be encouraged by my few words - if I can get to this point, you can as well.  If there's any other questions you think I can help with please just ask, send me a private message if you'd prefer.

God Bless


Hi Jenny

I was also 2b - diagnosed Christmas 2013, and in the last few weeks I have been told that there are 'no signs of active disease' and that the tests they did after surgery, show 'cancer free'.   Now Im on the review cycles, and hoping to stay 'cancer free'

Like the others say - dont look at the stats, you are an individual and we are all different......  My advice would be to listen to your own body, and keep talking to the treatment team - they ill have a lot of advice for you every day .....

Keep smiling........  and good luck


Thanks everyone, 


I've had a bit of a stern word with myself as I know flapping isn't going to help anyone. I have an appointment with my consultant tomorrow following a PET CT scan to try and determine the lymph node involvement and whether it's significant or not. I'm hoping for just a tiny snippet of good news to give me a metal boost. Thanks again for all your comments esp as I sounded a bit like a drama queen xx


You dont sound like a drama queen - remember most of the ladies on here have been where you are and so fully understand.  Sometimes its good to rant and get things off your chest .....

Take care and remember ladies are here to help you.

I totally agree about not dwelling on the statistics. In fact I worked with statistics for a large international corporation. After I was restaged to 4, my very first thought was, 'Well! Statistics aren't everything!!!' My corporate friends really laughed when I told them that story. 

There are always stats that are thrown out. Those are the ones that keep the curve from being a pretty bell. And anyone who knows me knows my personal data stats are usually thrown out and not used. And that is what I intend to happen this time. Just because the stats report says something does not mean all statistics have been used in analysis.

There is a saying among many who use stats a lot that is a good description: Statistics are like a French Bikini. They show practically everything, but can hide the most important details. 

So, I simply choose to ignore them with so many immeasurable variables affecting the situation, i.e., attitude, intentions, nutrition, emotions, family/friends, etc, etc, etc. 

Hugs and Good Thoughts for You,







Thanks Katie, I'm a lawyer and so am used at looking at hard evidence, hence my difficulty in trying to make myself believe that I'm 'different' from the statistics, but I LOVE your use of the metaphor of a bikini.... I'm hoping to chuck everything at this treatment because it simply HAS to work. My two boys have to have their mum around to see them growing up.


KKeep everything crossed for me today at about 1.30 


Love Jen x


Jenny, Whatever the diagnosis, there's still hope. In April, I heard my oncologist unexpectedly say for the very first time 'As you get well...' and I thought, 'Did he really say that???' 

I just found you ladies, but you have us for supporting you from the get/go. We have to let each other know when we need help.

And the French Bikini anology makes me laugh. It is always said with humour and raised eyebrows. ;D

Hugs, Katie

hi sharon ive just been diagnoised with cerviacl cancer, whcih has gone into the lymph glands and hot spot si in stomach , i am devastated, i been told today that i got to have 5 hrs of chemo have got to have 5 hrs of chemo every 3 weks for 6 months then 2 months of chemo and radio therapy, but yesterayi was told something different, im finding it very hard to cope with this, and think im going to die, im really struggling and crying all the time , i dont even no when i got to start treatment, im just coping with losing my husband last year and now this, i really dont think i can carry on and dont no what to do , im making myself ill ..

hi im going thru the same as you and also feeling the same , im so scared and dont no what to do x

Hi Jenny - I'm 7.5 years clear of 2B - there are a good number of us 2Bers who are still here but don't post much anymore.

I'm sorry you have to go through this but treatment is do-able. It won't be a piece of cake but you can get through it. It won't always be easy - be kind to yourself and and if you need to have a good cry or rant do it and don't feel bad about it!

Take care!

Hi there I'm also stage 2b . I'm on week 3 of treatment. 5 weeks of radiotherapy, 5 chemos and 3 brachys. I felt the same ans freaked out hearing mine was stage 2b. But then i also have a friend from years ago who also had 2b and the same treatment as us, and  she's just about to have her 5th yearly check up and she's doing great! She has given me a lot of possitive thoughts. !!! How all goes well with the treatment, so far touch wood mines going good too . Lou xx