Stage 2b Lymph node involvement

Hi All,

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 2b no lymph involvement at the start of December and was due to start my treatment Wednesday week (26 radio,6 chemo,2 brachy)
I went for a pet scan yesterday and the nurse rang me to tell me I need to come back in as I need to have a cat scan to remark me as the pet scan now shows lymph involvement.

I will be meeting with my consultant tomorrow but when I go in I always like to know all the facts so nothing will shock me.

Can someone please explain what lymph involvement mean, treatment changes and anything else I should know about it.


Hi. lymph involvement basically means what it says, that it's gone into at least one lymph modem the good news is that it can be treated. the treatment most likely won't be any different for you - you will still have chemoradiation ,  it will just be targeted at an extended  area x 

Hi laura

im so sorry to hear about your diagnosis.  I'm a 2b girl as well.

I'm sure you had an MRI which helped stage your cancer and nothing was really showing up on the lymphnodes but they do send you for the pet scan to be sure.

So the pet scan probably did show a small amount lighting up your nodes. So they want to make sure that when you are receiving the radiation that the field of range will cover everything. Hence the reason for being remarked.

These new advanced radiation machines are really quite remarkable as they can target specific areas and cover the whole field range in one go. Do be positive about this as since this was caught you will have those nodes really targeted. 

Dont be afraid of this treatment as it will kill your cancer!!!


Im stage 2b with several nodes involved, nodes dont change ataging or treatment if they are in your pelvic area so tey not to worry. Chemoradiation will attack it all! Good luck. I start treatment tomorrow xx

Good luck for tomorrow Rhea.

I should start mine in a week or so too.x



Hi all. My partner  has stage 2b with local lymph nodes spread. I'm terrified this is the end. I can't seem to find answers on Google! Don't know what to do really??

She has 5 weeks radio weekly chemo then internal rods for 2 weeks. 

How bad is this?