Stage 2b clear scan results


Just want to spread the good news that after going through 28x external rad, 6 chemo sessions and 4 brachytheraphy, my wife’s CT scan result shows no tumor can be seen!!

We had the scan 6 weeks after her last treatment. She was diagnose as stage 2b (4cmx5cmx3cm) with one enlarged left internal iliac lymph node (1.5cm)

We are currently scheduled to have a leep biopsy to be sure that the cancer was toast. And if the biopsy results is clear, we will then proceed to take oral chemo to finish everything off!

Shout out to all you lovely ladies to keep fighting!!


I thank God everyday for all the things he has given us and kept our faith when we faced trials and challenges

Very happy for you both Ariel. Wish your wife well for the next stage of treatment.

Great news x

Such great News !! I am stage 2b and waiting to start treatment in January. It is reassuring to read this!! Wishing you and your wife all the best xx 

Brilliant! Brilliant news Ariel!

I expect that you and your wife are going to have the happiest Christmas imagineable!


Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!

Tis one of the best christmas gift we've received! We will definetly spend this festive season with immense joy!!