Stage 2 CC.. will this shorten my life?

My recent diagnosis leaves me with questions about my life. Will this likely mean recurrence throughout the rest of my life? Does this mean my chances for living past the 5 years reduced to like 70%? Im really scared that my future life is now much shorter bc of cc. The more I search for answers on the web the more seem to find 70% survival rate past 5 yrs. What are my chances of living a full life. I’m just so sad that my last Pap test 4 yrs ago didn’t find anything and this summer I find out it’s stage two. It’s just unbelievable. Is anyone with stage 2 , after treatment doing well? I would love to know there are many women recovered and doing great. Would really give me strength and courage to go forth. Right now I’m scared and hopeless. I have a lot to learn and it’s like stepping off a cliff in my stomache.

The other night I was seriously having some anxiety about starting treatment for s2cc as you all can tell. I came back into forum today and got some encouragement and advice from some members. Thank you so much! I feel less anxiety going forward. Ty for setting me on a better foundation. :heart::star2::face_holding_back_tears:

Hello @Tinabae ,

First of, I’m sorry that you are here facing the same diagnosis as all of us. You are not alone tho. This forum has been a great support for me and continue to do so.
Let me start by saying, CC is a very treatable cancer. Even late stages can be cured. Yes CURED. I know it might be overwhelming for you right now but take it one day at a time. One treatment session at a time. Just focus on nourishing your body, drinking plenty of water just so your body is ready for the treatment. I’m not gonna lie, altho it’s different for everyone, the standard treatment of chemo radiation is intense, but very doable. If we can do it, you can do it too. Good news is, in every symptoms or side effect of treatment, your team will be able to provide relief by giving you meds so always tell them about any concern and don’t suffer in silence.
There’s a lot of brave ladies here that are doing very well more than 5 years after treatment and still continue to do so. I myself was diagnosed with stage 3b and I’m almost 2 years out. I know I’m still not out of the woods, but I recently got back to work so life is pretty normal again. I understand the fear and uncertainty as I scoured this forum for survivors when I was diagnosed and it gave me hope. Most of all, be kind and gentle w yourself going forward. Surround yourself with people who love and support you. It’s an important part of your healing journey. Sending lots of love your way. Xx


Hello lovely,

I was stage 3b, treatment ended last October and I am now cancer free. I do have some trouble with my bladder and bowel which I am trying to learn to manage, it’s not easy but I am alive!

My biggest tip is to take it one day at a time. Just focus on today, deal with tomorrow tomorrow. It’s the absolute best way to cope.

Sam xx


Hi Tinabae

I was diagnosed stage 2A scc in 2017 and I’m still here to tell the tale.

Easy to say but there’s no point getting bogged down with all the ‘what ifs’; best to take things as they come.

Also remember that people who’ve have tough experiences are more likely to post on a forum than those whose ‘journey’ has been relatively straightforward. I’m sure there’s lots of positive stories out there that we never get to hear…



Hi Tinabea I can reassure you that you can live a full life if you want to. The percentages are just numbers and it does not mean that you will not pass the 5 years threshold. Try staying away from google because the numbers you see do not represent yourself as they do not
Take into consideration your age and your physical health. You can reach your goals if that’s important for you. As I mentioned to another post I am 3 years post treatment and I did not have any significant side effects health related, in my private life I started doing all the things that I postponed ( have a healthy life style and exercise more) , I progressed with my career and travelled which is not bad for 3 years. I really hope all the best with your treatment plan.


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Hugs! Thank you! I really needed to hear/read your post before going in for my pic line. Really appreciate!

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Baby dragon

You’re amazing. I love that attitude & I try to live like this as well. It’s overwhelming if you live inside illness in your head. What the head thinks, the body believes. :sparkles:think of yourself as strong and resilient :sunny: ladies!


Hi tinabae
I’m 30 months cancer free stage 2b. Feel great. Taking my vitamins and watching my diet exercise etc… It’s normal to worry about recurrence but I learned not to think that way. Google can scare you and I stopped doing that. Countless women leading normal lives after treatment. Keep that in mind x

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I finished treatment for stage 3C1 in June. So far I feel back to normal. My oncologist said that nowadays treatment is very effective.

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