stage 1b1

Hi all hope your all doing well iv been diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 1b1 had a mri scan and booked in for a hysterectomy in around 4 week is anybody in a similar boat 

 I feel really tired and have had a few symptoms this week duz this mean it's spreading iv got a nurse to ring but feel like I'm harassing her with my daft questions x

Hi Lisa,

I was 1b1 and had a radical hysterectomy on 12th Dec. Firstly, none of your questions are daft and the nurses are there to answer them. You can also ask questions here and the very lovely forum has lots of really sensible, wise and kind people who might be able to reassure you.

Secondly, I think it's pretty common to feel totally wiped out, even at 1b1. I know I was! To be honest, I'd been unusually tired for months but battled on, trying to get a grip. Once everyone knew it was actually cancer, I didn't have to struggle on any more and gave into it. Make the most of it! One day I will be well enough to clean the guinea pigs out again but I'm making the most of  people's low expectations of me for a bit!

I also interpreted every little twinge as cancer. I think that's pretty common. ;) Hang on in there and pm me if you think I can help. Sending you hugs!

Kirsty x


hi Lisa

I was unbelievably tired and found it hard to get through the day, its 8 months

post op for me now, and whilst it took a while I've realised just how tired I was

having CC.

Kirsty made me smile, I too didn't have the energy or strength to  out clean out my shed full

of Guinea pigs and had to pass that duty on to my husband, it was then I knew something

wasn't quite right, so yes, you will feel tired best wishes x

Hi everyone :-)

What is it with you lot and guinea pigs? Hilarious nonetheless :-) Hi Lisa, try to relax, it's not spreading just because you notice a few more symptoms. You notice a few more symptoms because you have been told you have cancer. This is what our minds do to us. I don't think anyone has ever tried this as an experiment but I wonder what would happen if a handful of perfectly fit and healthy people were told they had a small cancer here or there? I bet they'd start noticing symptoms! It's what we are very good at, my husband especially so ;-)

So, you are diagnosed pre-Christmas and are booked into a nice snug hospital at the coldest time of the year. Fabulous! Enjoy your Christmas and look forward to 2015 as the year you put this behind you. And when people come to visit you in hospital laugh at their cold red noses.

All the best



Hi Lisa


I'm in exactly the same position as you, cc 1b1 (radical hysterectomy booked for 28th Jan) confirmed yesterday (I had my MRI on the 23rd at the Royal Marsden) and am also feeling absolutely exhausted! I could happily lie down on the floor at any point in the day and go to sleep I think it's because of the emotional stress and because your body knows it needs to rest. Hope you start to feel like your old self again soon.


Wendy x