Stage 1b1 Symptoms

Hi there, I’ve been diagnosed with stage 1b1 cervical cancer and waiting for hysterectomy.
I’ve started spotting over the weekend so feel worried. Not bleeding just spotting and its very light. It’s only visible on toilet paper when I wipe myself. Does anyone have similar experience? Is spotting normal?
Thank you


I had 1b2 and had a radical hysterectomy in November last year. I had the exact same symptoms so try not to worry. I know i worried that it meant they would find it was more advanced when they did the hysterectomy but that was not the case and my stage stayed the same when they examined what had been removed.

Its a horrible time waiting for the operation but you can and will get out the other side of it. I wish you all the very best and feel free to contact me if i can help in any other way xxx

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Hello, that’s so reassuring thank you. So glad to hear it went well for you and you’re cancer free.
Waiting and worrying is the worst part. I’m trying to stay calm. Hopefully not long to go for the surgery.

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Hey i have the same, im stage 1 and have my hysterectomy booked for 25th April. I have spotting on and off and can be for weeks and sometimes heavy. It worries me as well because they say early stage you dont get symptoms but every person is different so guess some of us do. I also feel tired very tired allll the time :tired_face: do you have this as well? I came on here to ask that question on the forum but saw your post so thought id reply. When is your surgery do you know yet? Xx

Hello, sorry to you hear you’re feeling tired. I had spells of tiredness for couple years now. Always blamed it on work burnouts, stress etc.
My spotting was quite light and it stopped for now.
Try not to worry. Apparently spotting is quite common even in early stages.
Thats great you have a date for your surgery. I’m still waiting for pre op assessment. Hopefully not too long xx

Ahh ok hope you hear soon! I have my pre op appt tomorrow but got my date on the 23rd march when i first met with the consultant. Thats assuming all goes well at pre op of course. Best of luck with everything xxx

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Thanks @MissAb86. What type of surgery they recommended? Mine is hysterectomy- womb and cervix. They also planning to remove a lymph node to check gor cells xxx

@Morwen having a radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymph nodes removed. Keeping my ovaries but taking the fallopian tubes to hopefully avoid menopause xx

Same here @MissAb86. I’m 40 so hoping to avoid early menopause. Had a call from the surgeon earlier today. Will be heading to pre op appointment tomorrow morning. Hope it goes well for you. Stay in touch xxx

Ahh good luck. Ive got mine tomorow afternoon! Hopefully your date will be soon then. Yes will do you too xxx

Hey @Morwen just wondered how you got on today did you get your date? X

Hi @MissAb86, unfortunately it sounds like I need another LLEZ to confirm whether its 1a2 or 1b1 so the doctors can decide whether to go for simple or radical hysterectomy. So back to square one. How did it go for you? Hope the pre op went well xx

Ahh ok, more waiting :pensive: hopefully be sorted soon. Yes went well had ECG, blood tests, height weight, Blood pressure, and just alot of questions about health! Have an appointment with the anaesthetist tomorrow, to talk about that side of it then that should be it til the op xx

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Glad to hear it went well. Not long too go xxx


I have 1b1 adenocarcinoma, had an open RH five weeks ago. Finally pathology still pending. I had intermittent bleeding between periods, excessive bleeding, passing large clots, low back pain, very tired. My family doctor thought it was perimenopause and refused gynaecology referral. I think your symptoms are very normal.


Hi @Nat_can five weeks is a long time to wait. Hope you have your results back soon and its all clear. So sorry to hear your doctor hasn’t referred you sooner xx


Yes, unfortunately, I don’t understand how or why it’s taking so long. Hope you get some answers about your surgery date. The waiting is the worst part. I waited months for surgery too, hopefully you don’t have the same experience. Feel to reach out once you know more about your surgery and if you have questions about what recovery has been like. Be kind to yourself during this this process :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Nat_can. That’s so kind xx

Hi @MissAb86 hope the surgery wasn’t too stressful and you’re doing well. Wish you have a speedy recovery xx

Thanks surgery went well, longer than they expected but no surprises in there or anything . Just the lab results to wait for now and recover xx