Stage 1b1 cervical cancer

Anyone fancy a cuppa tea?

Shall I put the kettle on?


ooh, wish I'd seen this earlier, a cuppa would be nice. Good morning! :-)

Morning Sharon :-)

D'you want a biscuit with that?


A big slice of hot buttery toast, you know the  one where the butter runs down between your fingers & you have to lick it off!

I'll see what I can rustle up, we have some Marmite in the cupboard! Ooh I'd kill for some twiglets! ;-)

How's things with you just now? I see you're from the North of Ireland which is just about as far as it's possible to be from me and still be in Europe. It might please you to know that it's cold, grey and rainy here and we have the log-burner going. It's a tricky juggling act with the hot flushes as well ;-)

Ooh, Marmite - you either love it or hate it, right?

Yes, sunny Northern Ieland - not! but we're in County Antrim and for my money it's the most beautiful part of the country!

At least in Greece you do get true summer weather, as you know the summers in UK are usually a washout. And winter is winter, I'm never disappointed by winter weather - it always delivers.

Ah - the old hot flushes, I never suffered from those, barely knew I was going through the 'pause. Maybe because the ol' CC was taking over the hormones & invading my ovaries at the time? The only hot flushes I get now are thanks to my dodgy bladder, ha!

Dunno why I'm trying to be witty, I'm worrying like mad over pain I've been experiencing since August,  moving around in my vacant lady-bits area. X-rays haven't shown a fracture like the Oncologist suspected, & Dexa scan has shown no issues with bone density - so, going for MRI on 27th Nov. Hopefully no bad news just in time for Chrismtas :-(

Hi Sharon,

I'm sorry you are so worried at the moment. I think that humour is one of our greatest weapons against fear. Where is the rulebook that says 'if you are ill and afraid you aren't allowed to smile or laugh'? Show it to me and I'll burn it! ;-)

Lucky you missing out on hot flushes though! If you do a Google search for Tivoli, Italy, you'll see what mine look like! Oddly, Greek summers don't improve the situation ;-) and neither do Greek winters.

Not too long to wait now for your next MRI scan. and yes, I hope there's no bad news just in time for Christmas.

Be lucky!