stage 1b1 and pregnant

Hi everyone I was told I had stage 1b1 cc when I was 28 weeks pregnant after the doctor performed a leep. He said he removed about 70 percent of it but wasnt sure based on what he seen. I am Now 31 weeks 4 days Pregnant and is schedule to have a c-section at between 32 -34 weeks. He's given me 2 options to either have a radical hysterectemy or a cone/leep procedure to remove the remaimg cancer. I haven't come up with a decision but im really scared as i have 5 days to mke a descision at my nxt appointmnt. I'm only 23 yr old and im pregnant with my 2nd child. All I can think about is I want it all gone ill do watever treatment I have to do to be cured...but I  wanted more kids....and that is a MAJOR surgery...and Im scared never had a major surgery before...and I also feel that if I did the hysterectemy there is no turning back...while the cone/leep I may be able to have more kids but I dnt want to risk recurence at a more severe later stage. I really dnt hve no one to talk to..and I would really really appreciate you guys inputs and encouragements....

Thanks Ladies..

Hi Whitney

So Sorry you've had to join the club, you're very young to have to make a decision like that & no-one can make that for you, at least having the surgery you would be sure it's all gone, major surgery isn't that bad, i had a hysterectomy in Nov last year, they discovered stage 1B1 cervical cancer so 7 weeks later haad to undergo another major operation to remove lymph nodes, fatty tissue etc, had they known about my cancer i would have had only 1 operation a radical like what they're offering you, evryone is different for recovery, i'm 44 & i've got over it quite well, still have wobbly days but gettin there & all my results were good from operation, didn't require any further treatment, can you discuss this with the Oncologist about wanting more children?


Mandy xx


Hi Whitney,

First of all welcome to Jo's,it is a great place with lovely ladies

to help as much as we can,even if it's just with a cyber hug.

Ok....You say you havn't got anyone to talk to,is that at all or just

today? I know I got lots of help from Macmillan on line/helpline

and my care team,but I know the weekends are hard when nobody is


I would think about your future health for the children you have and

the baby you are about to deliver.If that means you won't be able to have

anymore,although I am sure it's heartbreaking for you,any change that

we are not in control of is very hard and will take time,

and help to come to terms with.Luckily you do already have a family who

need and love you.So your health is the most important thing,and your

care team will do all it takes to make sure you get the best out come,which

is to be cancer free.So you can carry on been,I am sure a great Mum.

Have you got family/friends to help you after the birth of your child?

I am asking because you will need lots of help to look after your family

and recover from your surgery,which ever you decide to do,you will still

need some help.

I would spend time writing down everything you need to know then

call the gyne nurse  first thing on Monday morning she will help you

sort out all your questions and worries.It helps me alot to do this as I get

so forgetful when I am stressed.

You are young and hopefully fit apart from the cancer and that helps

with fighting this thing,as many of us on here have done/doing.

We will help you along the way with any questions.Anything you

can think someone on here will have been through it at some point.

I won't say don't worry,it's a nightmare,the waiting and making such

life changing decisions,but you have come to the right place.

Keep in touch

take care

Becky x


Hey Mandy,

I do want more kids and I havent discussed it with the oncologist really but I guess since im young and he think I may want more kids he gave me the option of doing the cone/ leep procedure but he did tell me if it comes back then I would have to get a radical hysterectomy. I'm just scared of it coming back and here in the U.S. it seems kind of hard finding a doctor that does trachelectomy, but I don't even know if im a candidate.

Hey Rebecca,

I dont really have anyone to talk to, I have my fiance but sometimes he just doesnt understand, its like he so much of a man I dont feel that emotional support as I would if maybe I was talking to someone who maybe would understand or atleast knw what im going thru.(sorry, might sound a litttle confusing). Since my diagnoses I feel a bit of a loner, like I would rather be by myself or around him instead of doing anything else. Being with him sometimes makes me forget about what im going thru, but when Im alone I google so much that I can be on the computer for more than 8hrs researching without even knowing and it just freaks me out even more. Also, I think my fiance still hasnt grasp the fact that I have cc..but we dont talk about it at all. I dont know what it is but when im around him and it comes up all I can do is just cry my eyes out and when he comes with me to my doctors appointment im bawling when the doctors are talking to me. But when I go by myself I dont cry at alland try to staypositive and strong. Also, what makes it more difficult I just moved back home after graduating from college, and we dont live together as we did when I was in school which makes it harder(currently was looking for a place 2gether) I don't have any friends to help as they don't know what im going thru..(I really don't want nobody to know) and they are all young and busy.. I have my sister and my brother and my grandma who can maybe help out a little.. and also my fiance mom sometimes but she doesn't know either only my mom, sis, brother, fiance, and granma know...and I will take your advice I didnt know I can call and ask questions Itaught I would have to wait for my docs appointment..


Thanks, Becky


ps. You sound so heart warming and refreshing... just reading your post made me feel alot better about everything. so much info and hope is exactly what I needed and you gave that..I REALLY appreciated that.. Thank you so much...I would like to keep in touch and ask more question when they come up.

Thanks lady, greatly appreciate you guys stopping by and giving me a warm welcome and noticing my post...


Greatly appreciated..

I am glad you are starting to feel more positive.It will be

up's and down's for you,everyday you will have loads of different

emotions.Please try not to over load with info on the internet.We

all do it,but each and every case is different so,just concentrate

on your own personal facts.

Hope you have been able to get some answers from your care team.

Take care

Becky x