Stage 1b1 adenocarcinoma cc

Hey everyone, this is my first post and looking for some advice...

I am 27 with no children.

I was disgnosed with stage 4 endometriosis 4 years ago and have since had keyhole and open surgery to remove left ovary and tube and ovarian cysts.

I have now been diagnosed with stage 1b1 cc, grade 1, type adenocarcinoma in March. My Gyny/Oncologist has advised I need a full hysterectomy including removal of tissue and some lymphnodes to take biopsy’s from. I have had the treatment to freeze eggs which wasn’t much of a success due to have only 1 ovary and only 4 were successfully frozen giving me 1 possible (slim) chance of fertilisation in a surrogate. 

My consultant advised to preserve me going through the menspause so young and being on HRT I have the option to keep my ovary as ‘floating‘. Another benefit would be I still would have a stash of eggs for future use. However, with this comes the risk that I may develop cancer in the Ovary and also the endometriosis will attack. Naturally, I have absolutely no clue on what desicion to make. Obviously I can keep the ovary and it be absolutely fine, or can be cancerous at some point down the line. 

I have other complications with the surgery due to the Endo, my bowel is stuck to the back of my womb and my bladder needs shut down for 10 days. 

I’m also a bit confused about the adenocarcinoma and if that gives me a higher risk of cancer returning later in life as secondary, not just in the ovary but else where in the body? 

Is anyone else in/been in a similar situation? Please help, to keep the ovary or get rid?!


Biopsy - 15th March 18

Diagnosed cc - 19th March 18

MRI & CR - 3rd April 18

First meeting with Oncology - 18th April 18

Hysterectomy scheduled - 15th May 18

Hi JadeyM,

I haven't posted here in a long time but I was actually on to look up on ovarian cysts. I had similar to what they are suggesting for you due to my age. You are so very young, and I'm so sorry you are going through all this. I opted to keep my ovaries and I'm now wishing I had them taken out although I don't know what life would be without them. I am however worried about them I get a terrible pain in my right side every few months. I've been in A&E twice with the pain and had 2 CT scans. They cannot locate my ovaries and are just saying ovarian cysts by process of elimination. I also get terrible headaches i think they are hormonal. Every so often I get a state of panic, which I'm experiencing now and I'm freaking out about them to be honest. I'm up on 16th May to meet my doc so I'm going to push to find them and give me piece of mind. I'm sorry for the long post. Discuss your concerns with you doc and make she he can locate after the surgery. . I hope you are ok. I too was 1B adenocarcinoma x

Hi Noodles, thanks for the reply!

Ohh I’m so sorry to hear, that must be terrible to go through and it’s also my biggest concern of keeping my ovary - living in fear!

With my ovarian cysts I had a lot of back pain which felt like a kidney infection. I got a CT and they started treating me for kidney stones .. which I did not have. Four days later the pain was not easing off so they gave me an ultrasound which revealed the cyst. If you haven’t already had one maybe push for this at your app on 16th? I hope they get to the bottom of it quickly!

i had my pre-op today and they were asking if I had made a desicion about my ovary, which I still haven’, so said I can decide on the morning of my op. 

Oh the joys of being female!!

Hya I’m 24 and have stage 1b1 adenocarcinoma  I’m due to have A radical hysterectomy on Friday , I’m also stuck on the idea of keeping them or loosing them , I suffer with horrible anxiety and I’m really worried I’ll live in fear of getting ovarian cancer , at the same time I’m nervous about getting osteoporosis if I get rid of them so young so I’m totally confused as to what is best x