Stage 1b/chemo and radiation (children mentioned)

Hi everyone, 

Yesterday I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma at stage 1b. Didn't come as a massive shock as I had been symptomatic and had been given an indication. The main thing that shocked me was the treatment decision of chemo and radiotherapy as I was under the impression they were still able to operate at this stage :((. He did explain it was because of the glandular issue and it was the best way to "cure" this. Booked in for a pet scan on Tuesday which is the scariest bit I think, where is it? Where has it gone? The consultant advised me the brachytherapy would inevitably kill my womb and ovaries, gutted as I'm only 26 but I already have a son so counting my blessings there. My question is has anyone went ahead and had eggs frozen? And has anyone had a successful pregnancy after these treatments? He gave me the option to freeze eggs and that I'm delighted with but just looking for experience from those of you in a similar situation. 
Possible I'm still in shock and I will come crashing down in a few days but right now just focusing on my son and keeping things as normal as possible before treatment takes hold. 
Thanks in advance 

Hiya.sorry to impose just wondering what the symptoms were and how long you had them? I know everyone is different and what indication were you given? X

I had bleeding during and after sex, leg pain and back pain. When I went for the colposcopy he told me it looked suspicious and the biopsy came back inconclusive which is very common with adenocarcinoma as it starts further up in the womb I believe. Cx

Thats me specially the back and leg pain with abnormal discharge sorry for tmi .

Im awaiting biopsy results and its scary as deep down I know and have done for a while but they wouldn't do owt as I wasn't 25.


Hope you get an answer to your question though xx

Good luck with your results the symptoms can be there and it not be at the cancer stage. Fingers crossed for you xx

Ive had them for 2 years and no other tests have given answers so this is final straw as to finding out. .just hope its sooner then the 4 weeks they have given me for getting biopsy results. 

What was the process and time frames for you from having smear ect if you dont mind saying x