Stage 1a2 treatment

Hi all, me again! I was diagnosed with stage 1a2 adenocarcinoma cervical cancer 2 weeks ago. I had my MRI scan on Thursday and it was totally fine. Nothing to be frightened off but the results! I had my MRI at 9:30am and my consultant called me at 4:30pm with the results. She gave me the wonderful news that my cancer was clear on the MRI! No spread or no cancer showing.

She said she thinks that I will only require one more LLETZ treatment and this will be checked as the MRI doesn’t always show adenocarcinoma cancer clearly as this spreads in the glands. My case will be discussed at the MDT on Wednesday. Has anyone else had similar experiences or results from this? I have been looking at previous posts and most ladies with stage 1a2 require a radical hysterectomy. I am based in Scotland and noticed that treatment varies, I was told that cone biopsies are no longer carried out in Scotland. I am the most impatient person ever and feel like I can focus on anything else despite my early stage and good news!

Thank you in advance xx


Wow, that was fast - same day results! Super happy for you, Jodie, here’s to more good news. Xx

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Thank you Ana! I’m hoping your results come as quickly as mines! Sending lots of love for your scan xx

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Amazing news. Jodiel - what a relief. If you can be clear with another LLETZ that is fantastic. You must be so pleased. I hope things progress quickly and successfully for you. X

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Great news! So pleased for you!

That’s great news Jodie! I had a very similar experience- was diagnosed with the exact same stage of adenocarcinoma. My doctor advised a robotic radical trachelectomy due to adeno being so unpredictable. His main concern was the cancer spreading to my lymph nodes, which isn’t always detected in an mri or pet scan. So I proceeded with the RT and everything went smoothly. Additionally, the 5 lymph nodes he removed were clear. Recovery was minimal for me, but can vary. I was moving around normally about 8 days post op and I’m now two months out with no complications.

Keep us posted on what your DR advises! Fingers crossed it’s just another LLETZ. If not, we are all here for you and I will gladly walk you through whatever questions/concerns you may have. You got this girl!!

xx- Britt


Hi Britt, thank you so much for your message! I will be receiving another lletz under GA and lymph node removal! X

Hi jodie,

I had stage 1A1 adenocarcinoma, i had a letz and a cone biopsey done…this cleared the cancer, last april went for my colposcopy everything was clear, this april hpv positive and they said if it hasnt gone by october they will discuss hysterectomy as they cant take anymore biopsies i hardly have a cervix left. You should be able to have a cone biopsy done x

Hello, thank you for your response! I was able to have a cone biopsy under GA. I was told this isn’t usually offered in Scotland but the Dr was able to carry this out for me on Monday. Just another waiting game to see if I’m all clear or not. Hopefully I will be able to keep my lymph nodes too!

Huge fingers crossed for you. Keep me informed :two_hearts: xx

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