Stage 1a1 diagnosis

So back in 2020 I was diagnosed with cin 3 and had lletz to remove it. My follow up colposcopy showed cin 1 and I was left on a years recall.

My smear 4 weeks ago showed severe dyskryosis again, a second lletz to remove and now I’ve had a phone call saying they’ve found early (stage 1a1) cancer.

I’m so confused, devastated and scared. The MDT are discussing my results on Thursday and will call me then. But can anyone shed some light or personal experiences with what happens next?

I feel almost, dirty. (I don’t want to offend anyone by saying that) it’s just how I feel… you cope with this?

Hi HannahBlonde and welcome

I’m sorry to hear you are feeling so scared. I don’t think anyone can imagine how a cervical cancer diagnosis feels until they’ve experienced it; I was overwhelmed when I got my bad news back in 2017.

I hadn’t had a smear test for 12 years when I was diagnosed following symptoms. I was stage 2A and had a radical hysterectomy within a month of diagnosis and bypassed colposcopy. I don’t have any experience of treatments such as LLETZ so I won’t comment on what might happen next as there others who have more relevant experience than me.

I mainly stopped by because I was concerned that you are feeling dirty. I’m not offended but can empathise because initially I had some negative feelings about myself. It was a Jo’s helpline volunteer who helped me with this when she explained that cervical cancer comes about if our immune systems are unable to deal with HPV - we are unlucky - not dirty. It took a while for me to completlely come to terms with my negative feelings but learning more about HPV helped - see information about HPV on this website:

I’m of the opinion that genetics may have a role in predisposing some of us to cervical cancer:

I hope all goes as well as possible for you.



Thank you for your response.

Part of me knows it’s a silly way to feel (not rational), but the rational part of my brain doesn’t seem to work at the moment. It’s good to know that there’s people here to talk to !

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Hi @HannahBlonde sorry to hear you’re going through this. How are you feeling now, have you had any further information from the hospital about next steps?

I know how you feel. I had LLETZ for CIN3 which unexpectedly found 1a1. I then had another LLETZ which came back negative so that was a huge relief. I’ve recently had an MRI scan and waiting on results from that, but hoping all will be fine and I’ll be discharged. I do worry about it coming back though.

Waiting is horrid isn’t it.

No I haven’t heard much else…seeing the consultant on Thursday so should hopefully get some answers.

He said on the phone another lletz and monitoring or a hysterectomy. I don’t really know what to do. My last lletz (2nd in total) was agony :frowning: how did you find the lletz again?