hi Ladies!
new here. I had my LEEP done 4 weeks ago, due to CIN2. the biopsy confirmed the CIN2 however they found 2 small nests of Microinvaise Squamous cell carcinoma (together as a whole they measure 1mm) and the depth is 1mm as well.!
I am completely terrified as never had any clue of cancer during my pap smears, and all of a sudden, beyond the CIN2 (which I knew I had, they found cancer!)

I am quite shocked about my dr is not going to check on me until September! Based on what I read here, some of you who were diagnosed with 1A1 after LEEP went directly to Cone biopsy few weeks after.

the results of my biopsy from LEEP (-> Diathermal Loop)

CIN2 with intraglandular extension : margin status of CIN2 :
endocervical margin FOCALLY involved by the CIN2 lesion
exocervical margin not involved by the CIN2 lesion
FOCUS of microinvasive squamous cell carcinoma associated with HPV from a focus of intraglandular extension
→ tumoral dimension:
1mm*1mm depth
number of blocks involved 1 (7 oclock)
NO lymph vascular invasion identified
margin status of the tumor: ALL margins NEGATIVE for invasive carcinoma
closest margins 1mm from the endocervical margin and 1,5mm from the circumferential margin
ECC performed right after the LEEP : NEGATIVE for any lesion/dysplasia or malignancy

I am extremely worried as it seems my dr is taking this without any urgency.
any comments, suggestions, WHATEVER is more than welcome and appreciated!