Stage 1A1 and pain

Recently diagnosed with stage 1A1 adenocarcinoma (fully excised after LLETZ treatment) but CGIN lesions remain. Booked for a further LLETZ to ascertain whether needing simple or radical hysterectomy. Had a Mirena coil fitted after my LLETZ treatment….no pain since.
Today, had intermittent, dull pangs of pain internally. Nothing awful, not needing pain relief but got me worried. Perhaps this is more advanced than initially thought? My mind is in overdrive. Anyone experienced something similar?

I havent experienced this so the best I can advise is to contact your hospital where you were treated. They will reassure if this is to be expected.

Big hugs xx

Hi @KB73, I was recently diagnosed with stage 1A1 also (SCC, not adenocarcinoma) and have had 2 LLETZ treatments now. Since my very first punch biopsy I’ve been getting intermittent pains, which range from dull to sharp and burning. They feel as if they are over my ovaries. I never had them before my first biopsy, so assume that it’s just a result of the surgery, rather than the cancer itself. They stopped once I healed from my first LLETZ, and have now come back with my second.
Interestingly I will only get them if I’m tired or stressed. When I do have them, paracetamol helps. I hope that gives you some reassurance. xx

Hi @WorriedWorm I have been diagnosed with 1A1; after LEEP (I went for a LEEP due to CIN2, however the biopsy shows Microinvasive squamous cell carcinoma 1mm*1mm). in my report it says that the carcinoma´s margins all are negative, however the margins for the cin2 are not (focal extension on the endocervix).
could you share if your result was similar than mine? my dr didnt recommend me anything! just wait and see until September, which I think is crazy. I am trying to find another oncologist but the first appointment he has offered me is September 8th.
I am feeling hopeless!

Hi @lstage sorry to hear you are going through this too. I had very extensive and complex CIN3 with pathological hallmarks suggestive of invasion, and also tiny invasive foci like yourself, although they did not specify a size in mm. All margins were involved so they did a second LLETZ/LEEP to see if there was any further CIN or malignancy, but I was told it was no immediate rush (I was due to be abroad for 8 weeks & be getting married, they even said I could wait til I got back! I couldn’t wait though, cancelled the lot and got the surgery within a week). Amazingly my second LLETZ came back negative- no more CIN or cancer found. I had heard that any nasty cells not removed in the LLETZ specimen itself usually get destroyed by the cauterisation, so there must be some truth in this! So I am all clear now. I have an MRI scan soon just to double check.

They may not have suggested any further treatment for you at this stage because the cancer was contained fully within the excised tissue, and any CIN2 at the margins will probably resolve itself. It may also depend on how recently you had your first LEEP, they don’t like to repeat it too soon. Can you tell them you are feeling uneasy about waiting until September and ask them to explain their approach to put your mind at ease?

Best of luck xx

Many thanks! My leep was done last 28th of June.
I have told with the dr and I have scheduled a consultation w him in 17days. I will explain my feelings.
Your second Lletz was done under GA? I am panicking thinking to be put under.
How many weeks passed from your first leep to the second? @WorriedWorm

Yes my second LLETZ was done under GA. I was really scared about being put under as well as it was my first time, but honestly, it was absolutely fine- literally like going to sleep and waking up, it’s that simple.
I had my first LLETZ 22/03 and second was 27/05 so about 9 weeks.
Hopefully your doctor will be able to explain more in your next consultation. :slight_smile:

Hi there! I return to the forum after some time off. i would love to hear how are you doing? I had the second leep on 21.09.2022 (it was me the one that pushed for this second one, as I was already HPV negative in August! after the first leeP. However, the stress that the microcarcinoma created on me was huge, reason why I wanted to be sure with a second leep that nothing was left behind). the results came completely clear! no more dysplasia or cancer