Stage 1, Grade 3!

Hi folks! I’ve just recently joined the club. To say I’m shocked is an understatement as i have no symptoms at all. It was picked up on my routine smear, then a punch biopsy.

I spoke with the specialist nurse last week to chase up my mri and low and behold i got my appointment the very next day. Results will go to the panel next Wed.

What is worrying me is (along with everything else) is that so fars its Stage 1, which is good. But the cells have been graded 3! As far as i know, these cells are faster growing and I’m worryied things are taking too long. I waited 9 weeks for the punch biopsy results.

Has anyone had the same worries? The nurse is predicting a radical hysterectomy with lymph node removal. How effective will this be? Will i need further treatment after surgery? Is it likely to come back as the cells are grade 3? God I’m at my whitts end with worry :worried:

Dear Jenn,

Sorry you’ve had to join the club. :cry: Yes, Grade 3 means the cells are faster growing, but a few weeks is unlikely to make any difference to your staging. Well done for getting the MRI moved forwards. The most important thing now is for you to be staged correctly, so that the correct treatment is chosen. This is essential and more important than speed of treatment. If there is any chance that you are a higher stage and the cancer has moved outside the primary tumour this could change the staging and treatment. Hang on in there, and it will get sorted. Nice of the nurse to make a prediction, but it will be the gynae oncologist who will decide the treatment once scans are complete. They MAY want another scan (PET) so be prepared for that. I had several scans and got regraded from Stage 1 to Stage 3, but that is unusual. But I’m so glad I got regraded, because if they had done a hysterectomy when it had actually spread, I could be looking at it metastasising further. So I was grateful for the scans! We’ll keep everything crossed for you that it’s stage 1 and can get sorted quickly. Xx

Thank you! All fingers and toes crossed! Im hoping to hear back by end of next week. The waiting and the fear of the unknown is horrendous isn’t it. The nurse did say they had to make sure they get it right as they can only do this once for me! I keep think to myself, why me??!

If you can hear back at the end of next week that’s pretty good. Try not to let your mind wander into dark places - they will do the right thing for you. Why you? Why any of us - it’s just the luck of the draw, I’m afraid - HPV is the likely cause and it’s a virus pretty much endemic in the adult population. Most people’s immune systems keep it from doing any damage, but for some of us (maybe partly because we stress or worry more) our immune systems are not adequate to stop it from making cell changes. There are things that make you more vulnerable (smoking, obesity, unhealthy diet) but most of us we were doing all the right things and it still hits us. We can’t change this, but we can work towards the future. You can beat this! X