Stage 0 Cervical Cancer

Hi I'm 31 and new to this forum. I recently had a biopsy and the doctor discovered stage 0 pre cancer cells. So now I have to get a

leep procedure done. It has been 8 days and everytime I call the office the doctor hasn't scheduled it yet. They said probably not until 

next week and I just want to get this over with. I don't understand why the doctor is taking soo long. My question is how long did 

any of you have to wait before getting Leep done and does anyone have any similar experience with stage 0. I'm worried about them

not getting it all and having to go through more leeps and colpo's. Could the results of the leep be worse than stage 0. (like higher 

stage cancer) Thank you for taking the time to read this :)

Hi. sorry to hear your diagnosis but stage 0 is not Cancer. It's a misleading term not often used anymore. It basically means the highest possible grade of precancerous cells before they turn into Cancer. So in cervical Cancer case CIN3. There are lots of ladies on the colposcopy board who will be at the same stage as you And be able to answer your questions. 

I know it's very scary but everything seems to be moving fast For your stage. 30 days from diagnosis to surgery for Cancer is the guideline. I'm not sure what it is for precancer. 

your final question is it possible they find Cancer in the keep? Yes. It's possible, but unlikely, and if so it would probably be very early stages (otherwise they would of seen it with the naked eye. 

Its really easy to get confused with Cancer/precancer. But you do not have cancer. brilliant that it was caught early.