Stabbing pains


I had an abdominal radical trachelectomy about 6 months ago. For the last couple of months i have been experiencing sharp stabbing pains in my lower abdomen around and below the incision area. First of all it started on the right side and I ended up booking a gp appointment, they referred me for an ultra sound and said all ok. I went for my 6 month check about 4 weeks ago and found the vault smear quite painful. Today I have had sharp stabbing pains on the left side and more intense. I just wish I knew if this was nornal? My gynae oncologist is pretty useless at answering these types of questions, she said pain can just happen and that 'cervical cancer is rare' what a weird thing to say right? It makes me feel like I am the only patient she has had and that nobody else has ever asked these questions :/

Anyway I just wondered if anyone who has had surgery has had these types of pains months after. I am currently waiting for my MRI results too so I hope it is ok x

Good luck with your results. I hope they put your mind at rest. 

I tended to have pain when I had a urinary trace infection. It may be worth taking a sample to your doctors surgery just to dip stick. Increase your fluids in the interim as it's been warm and urine gets more concentrated.I think your MRI should identify any other problems-where there has been an incision you can get adhesions which can be painful. 

Good luck for your results. 


Thank you for your reply. My dr did some swabs recently and they all came back ok. Hoping it is just the healing process but wish they had reassured me when I asked instead of saying that sometimes there isn't a cause for pain.. anyway hopefully I will get my MRI results back soon going to call the gyonc secretary on Thursday if they don't contact me x

Hey Mistell :-)

I am getting some of those types of pains but not as severe by the sounds of things. I get sudden sharp pain sometimes and it then goes away.

I guess the healing process takes longer than we think and it's hard as we cannot see what is going on. Seems like a strange thing to say ' cervical cancer is rare' as it's not helpful to you and actually not true!

Hope things start to improve keep us posted xxx




I went to the dr as I started to bleed lightly last week but more of a dark brown discharge sorry TMI. She did an examination and took more swabs and then called the gyno on call and they took me in a couple of hours later. They did an examination and said it is likely due to the mini pill and hormones as now by body is healthier and I potentially would have had cc the whole time of being on this pill as I only started it couple of years ago. I was also pleased that they were able to tell me that my MRI is fine including my 6 month check up which I knew but still haven't received in writing 7 weeks later.. 

The hospital asked about the pain and said because it is not cyclical it is probably not gyno related which I disagreed with. They told me to keep a diary of when it happens and what I am eating in case it is gastro related. 

How are you feeling?x

Hi Misstell,

Sorry to hear you are still having troubles. I find it so frustrating that even after gyneacological cancers some doctors still downplay gynea pain and gynae issues. You would think that they would be the opposite and take it a little more seriously! I wonder now if they think they are creating some sort of 'hypochondriac' nation when it isn't the case at all. I think women tend to downplay these issues more and because now we have real concerns we are just being more vocal. 

I'm glad your MRI went ok and that it isn't anything that is a major and immediate cause of concern but unexplained pains are one of the most frustrating because you just want to be fully better and not be reminded all the time and just be able to get back and enjoy life. 

I'd had an unexplained two week bleed and stabbing pain back in May and then in June the pain was so bad down one side that I couldn't walk easily. Then I started bleeding again. I had my three month Colposcopy last Friday and mentioned it to the consultant and he used the dreaded 'h' word - hormones. That made me feel miserable because I didn't think I could put up with the uncertainty and pain etc for the rest of my non-menopausal life. However once he did the Colposcopy there was a two inch piece of surgical suture that (and I quote) my 'body had been trying to give birth to.' Nice. It was still attached but stabbing its way out of my uterus down through the newly created opening. 

This is why I get annoyed when medical professionals downplay concerns and just chalk it up to hormones! It may very well be hormones but it's nice to have them take a look. Keep the diary and document everything down, keep pushing for that answer! 



Hi Gerry

Thank you for your reply. It is so nice knowing I am not the only one! The were very nice at hospital when I went in and my bleeding has stopped now. I spoke to someone else I know about the bleeding who had a trach and they had the same. Apparently now my body is healthier I may get break through bleeding.

Yes, I have been keeping a diary and intend to go back to my gp. The main gyno I see at my 3 monthly check ups is really frustrating me now she never has any answers and sometimes I find her pretty condesending I dunno if it's becuase I am young or becuase she thinks I should just be happy I am better. I agree, whenever I get these pains it just reminds me and puts me down even if I have been in a great mood all day. I know it could be a lot worse and there are probably other women with worse side effects but I wish they would even reassure me and say that the pain is normal. 

I have to say I am pretty glad my MRI is ok as they didn't do one before my surgery to confirm staging so it is the only one I have ever had. I wondered if I had adhesions but they didn't say.

Oh my goodness so sorry to read about yout surgical suture!! Wow, so glad they found out that must have been painful! Yes I am keeping a diary every day :) xx