Squamous cell 2b survivors

I was just woundering if there is anyone who has this kind of cervical cancer and have survived. There seems like everyone on here has the other kind. Thank you ladies XX

Yes me! I was diagnosed with 2b squamous cell cc in October 2015, had treatment November/December (see below). So far my scans and check-ups have been good and I just pray it stays that way.


Me too x


80-90% of cervical cancer is squamous cell, 10% is adeno, then followed by adenosquamous and then again even more rare is glassycell. So, what you have is the most common. So!!!! Yes lots of survivors. You just hear on forums more reference to others as they are less common. 


im a squamous girl as well. 

I want ti thank all the ladys for replying it makes me feel a little better. I have been so upset. XX

Is this type of cancer curable. I hear soo much about recurrences amd that scares me. Thank you 

Hi Mouse.

Curing squamous cell cervical cancer seems to actually be easier than curing the common cold. The people who tend to remain on the forums the longest are those for whom things have not gone as perfectly as hoped, so on here you will find a higher proportion of the rarer forms of cervical cancer as well as the rather unusual recurrences. Most people get cured first time straight away and we never hear from them again. 

It's a bit like a complaints department. If you were to hang out at the complaints department of some big store say you'd think everything they sold was faulty, but if you saw how many customers were just walking out the doors with arms full of packages and broad smiles on their faces you'd see another picture entirely!

You're going to be just fine :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thank you Tivoli for replying you have made me feel a lot better about things. :-)

I have just been diagnosed with stage 2B squamous cell carcinoma. Any advice would be gratefully received 



Hi sorry to hear but i too am a 1b1 squamous cell carcinoma and i had a radical hysterectomy and then after that my stage went up two 2b because of parametrium involvement so now i started chemo and radiation today it was not bad today. All the ladies on here are very nice and helpful. If u have questioms ask on here stay away from Google it will only scare u it did me until i found all these ladies. :-)