I haven’t been here for a while, which has been lovely I can’t lie! Finally ‘moving on’
I am coming up to 3 years clear… woohoo!!
BUT- 8 weeks ago or so… there was a tiny speck of bright red blood when I wiped (sorry TMI!!)
I had shaved that morning so put it down to a shaving incident!

Then yesterday- again, wiping after the toilet and there was a tiny speck again, not bright red though. I do have a rather sore vulva area so could have been that- but the two incidents together have me worried.
I’m currently on a cruise for 2 weeks and have emailed to have a check when I’m back… but for now- wondering if anyone has had anything similar!

No sign of blood after sex or anything… just the two random incidents - which I find really odd!

Anyone had any ‘spotting’ and it’s turned out to be nothing?

I had a rad hyst in 2020, kept one ovary

Thanks for reading and hope you can help!

Charlotte x