Spotting on the same day each month


just looking for a little reassurance/to air my concerns. So for a little history, my last smear was 3 and a half years ago, at the time I was 28, all was clear. Was due again may this year but have been busy and putting it off stupidly. Also, I've been on microgynon since I was 18, in recent months I've spotted, always on the same date every month for 1 to 2 days, then my period had come as normal- it's been the same as always, if anything a little lighter. Around the time of the spotting, I also get a little bloated, and a bit spotty.

im booked for a pill check up next Thursday and will arrange my smear then/have it on that day.

i keep trawling the internet and convincing myself that it's cervical cancer. I just wondered what people's thoughts where, on wether this sounds more hormone related?

only other symptom I have is occasional more urination, however this is only ever on the few days before my period.

any input would be greatly appreciated. Working myself into a bit of wreck worrying about it all.

I have this problem as well. My gyn has narrowed it down to a drop in estrogen on those days. i spot the same exact days in the cycle every month and then it stops. Usually around the 13th Plus day. Definitely see your doctor and discuss your concerns. Get that pap smear, to relieve any worries. FYI to fix this problem I need to take estrogen in a pill form on those days of spotting. 

Omg it's like reading my problem... Since May I keep spotting and getting period pains on around +10-14 anytime between them... I I have long cycles of 36 days so on the app this is a week before predicted ovulation... I I also. Bloat and get spots on my chin.. I I have had a hormone test done for menopause that was normal and an internal scan again normal so now I'm awaiting results from my smear test... I don't bleed with sex or even after smear days no bleeding but I'm so worried as to why I keep spotting... Google  says cervical cancer is and as I suffer from anxiety I'm so worried... I when had smear they said there is a 6 week delay as busy and I've waited 4 weeks now and out of my mind... I would love to hear if anyone has any news or answers... It's not heavy it's light pink usually on wiping I do have pcos is this a cause I don't know I also had a miss carriage may and this is when it has got worse since x hope u all get good news x

I know this is an old thread but it's exactly what I've been experiencing. For the last 4 month's I have had brown spotting around days 10-12. I am on cilest and have been for 5 years. I spot brown for a couple of days then have one episode of blood ( 1 or 2 wipes and it's gone) then it all stops and I have my period a week later. 

I am going out of my mind and not getting answers from the Dr. I've been tested for sti and infections. All clear. 

No pain or bleeding after sex. Slightly increased discharge but nothing much. If anything it's become jelly like but then stops. 

Has anyone experienced this and got answers as to why this is happening please. 

Thanks. Xx

How are you doing? Im like you, with Diane 35 from 6years now, always spot at the 14th day of the cycle... what did your dr say?

I’m reviving this old thread because I’ve been experiencing the same spotting on the same days (week) on the pill (microgynon).

Any update or inputs? :slight_smile: