Spotting, cramping, backache

I had a punch biopsy two weeks ago today. I also had a cautery of the cervix for an erosion. I had some light cramping after the anesthetic eased off and lost some light brown fluid after two days. By day 5 I experienced some period type cramps and then started to bleed, but not as heavy as a period. 10 days on I had backache so much so that I needed a hot water bottle and pain relief. The back aches comes and goes but hasn't been as bad since Friday, I've not needed pain relief. Today 14 days on my cramping is back again although the bleeding is just there when I wipe or when I pass a stool it comes away. I notice a drip of watered down looking blood occasionally. Is this all normal two weeks on from the biopsy and cautery?! I've been looking online for help but haven't had much luck. I'm at the doctors tomorrow so I think I'll mention to her. Any experience from anyone in the same or a similar way?! Thanks in advance!


I had 2 biopsies taken a week last Friday and I am still bleeding and have cramps. It's horrible. It changes from bright red to black then back to bright red. 


Hope yours settles down quickly xx

See my post above. I'm 16+ days post Lletz and still bleeding. It's not major but still bright red. Also although I have no cramps the area is still tender if I press on my abdomen. So looks like not that uncommon. 

I've had one infection already and I'm paranoid about getting another one!