Spotting between periods post LEEP

Hi all! I had my LEEP performed at the beginning of December. My history is in my signature. Since then, I have been experiencing spotting between periods as well as after intercourse. Has anyone else dealt with this after a LEEP procedure? I dread going back to the doctor before my 6 month check up. :frowning:

Hi Dana8402,

I have had a similar experience to you. In may last year I had Lletz treatment done to remove CIN 3 abnormalities, a biopsy was taken which showed it was all removed and a check up in 6 months time.

After the treatment my periods were very irregular and like you I suffered with mid cycle spotting and cramping. It interfiered so much with my daily routine that the doctor suggested i change my pill. However that didn't make a difference.

Anyway, I had my repeat smear and HPV test in October. The results came back and showed everything was normal but needed to redo the smear and HPV test because there wasnt enough sample taken to check for the HPV virus. So here I am waiting for those results again that I had done 3 weeks ago. The hard part is the waiting, plus I have more symptoms to add to the list now.

I think the treatment had a lot to do with my mid cycle problems because the check up smear I had was normal. So there's no reason to think there's anything worrying going on. Having said that, it shouldnt continue to go on for months and months.

The important thing is that you dont miss the follow up smear test. Have you spoken to the doctor? They may do the smear early for you.

jess x




did either of you get this resolved? I am currently experiencing the same and I'm so worried.

thanks xx

Hello had my test of cure today & one of the questions asked was about whether I had had bleeding. My follow up was after 3 months rather than 6 because of the discrepancy in my results & other than the bleeding after lletz I didn't have any issues. I personally think it may be worth phoning your gp or colposcopy nurse just for peace of mind