Spotting and pre-menstrual bleeding since colposcopy 3 mo ago


looking for reassurance that this is normal OR advice if not


3 months ago I had a LLETZ procedure under GA where the doc removed a large ectropion. The base of the cone was very wide, almost to the limit of what can be removed. She struck a bleeder and I lost about 250mls blood (not so much, but I'm anaemic, so took a while to recover). She then used diathermy to go over the edges and close it.

results came back and it was cin 1 and 2, with some cin at the margins of the biopsies tissue. Doc said she wasn't surprised as it was at limits of what she could take out, but she was confident that the diathermy would have taken care of any remaining cin cells at the margins


since then I have had 1 period while post -op bleeding and two periods since then. I have had a couple of spots of bleeding mid-cycle and before my period properly starts, there are a few days of very light bleeding - annoying, because it now means I bleed for 9-ish days instead of 6. I haven't had spotting or pre-bleeding ever before, except once during pregnancy.

is my cervix still settling or will this be the new normal? Or is it something I should get checked out?


thank you for your help


- eeek