Spotting after biopsy? Something worse?

Hi, ladies.  I'm so sorry to panic at you again having JUST GOT my biopsy results (CIN 1, no treatment needed, just a repeat smear in 6 months).


I have a Mirena IUS and my periods have never really completely settled down on it (it's been in for 2 years) but I've never worried because every time I go and ask the doctors always say "it's fine, it's normal," and I bleed A LOT less than I did when I had normal periods, just in a slightly less predictable fashion.


Anyway, I started spotting last Sunday and figured this was my "period."  However, today, I had a sudden (although not very big) vaginal bleed during a bowel movement (sorry, TMI!).  Is this my period?  In which case, why was I spotting last weekend?


Could my spotting last weekend be the little bit of bleeding I was told might happen 14 days after my biopsies?  Or does that tend to be more dramatic?


I know the chances of anything being really wrong are quite slim with 4 biopsies at CIN 1.  But I am in such a high state of anxiety I cannot calm down about it.  I had sex last night for the first time since the ordeal started and in my head I'm thinking sex + bowel movement = bleeding and that doesn't sound normal.  


It is just over 4 weeks since my last Mirena "period" so this might be sort of normal?


Thanks everybody in advance for putting up with my gibberish x

Hey there,

Having a bleed at some point after biopsies is pretty normal. I had a huge bleed and was absolutely terrified, but it turned out just be from the scars from the biopsies healing and it all coming loose. It calmed down after a few hours and I had spotting for a couple more days.


Try not to worry too much, just think if you had 4 chunks from your hand taken and knocked the scabs off that would probably bleed too! I think anything from a small drop to a gush can be expected after biopsies but everyone's different. If you are due on your period also, any tampering with the cervix can bring it on a bit earlier/mess with the flow.


Congratulations on getting a good result though, fingers crossed it will clear up by your next smear.