sponsered diet for jos

hi all

well after my stays in hospital over the last 2 yrs ive now got the will power and in the right frame of mind to loose the weight i am very obese and there is a thin person inside me screamin to get out maybe 2 ha ha on serious note i need to loose 5 stone in 5 months and if every 1 sponsered me a pound a stone i will donate the full amount to jos this is just for starters and when the 5 stone off i can feel i can go back swimming and walking as im in a lot of discomfort at the mo everyone who nos me and met me will no ive sruggled with my weight so id really love all your support guys love debi …

Go Debi, you can do it!! Count me in to sponsor you hun!! Or set up a justgiving site and I’ll get the old bank card out.

Lots of love,
Laura xx

Hi Debi

Definatley count me in to sponser, you can do it.

I lost nearly seven stone in 8 months on the Weight Watchers points diet, that was five/six years ago and have managed to not put any of the weight back on. So go for it girl, if you need any support you know where I am.

Luv Leann

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Well done Debi

I will definitely sponsor you too!

Paula xx

I’ll sponsor you!! Why don’t you set up a just giving page?

Z x

Hi Debi

Brilliant idea! We had someone contact Jo’s today who also wants to do a sponsored slim. I think she got the idea from a storyline on Eastenders!

Anyway, just PM me if you need any help setting up a donation page.

Best wishes


hi all

well had another good day today only my 2nd but stayin posertive sue is goin to set up a just givin page for me i think i have asked so watch this space im hopin for 5 stone in 5 months do you think i should go to the bookies as well ? i need to loose alot more then 5 stone but thats my 1st goal end off july i will be 5 stone slimmer :lol:

love debi

hi all\

i now have a just giving page so ill stop eatin all the pies lose 5 stone and raise lots for jos the smallest donation can make all the difference so wot you waiting for heres the link xxx


thanks debi xxxxxxx

I’ve donated to start you off!!

Please guys, let’s support our Debi.

Z xx

hi thanks zoe

ive lost half a stone this week my 1st week yipeee i think people dare not sponser me cause im so confident ha ha ha xx

love debi xx

Hiya! I’m in and my sponser money is ready and waiting you go girl! I’m gonna click the link now love cath xxxxxx

hi cath

thanks for your support xxxxxx

love debi xx

well done hun keep up the good work… were all right behind you, i will donated 50 pound when youve hit your target.

Good luck and stay positive… :wink: love n big hugz kaz x :wink: