Speculum Exams and SA

Just reaching out to see if anyone has any tips?

As a victim of sexual assault in the past, I find it really really hard to go for my smears, and event harder to have colposcopy’s.

Does anyone have any tips for getting through them?

I always put off booking them because they put me into complete panic mode, and it’s hard to book them these days anyway. When I arrive I do make the nurses aware that the exams are very difficult for me, and likewise I find it really hard to even mention the SA. One nurse recently asked me if she could invite a male student into the room… AFTER I told her about the SA?!?

After my recent colposcopy I was a complete wreck for a week - couldn’t think about anything but the pain and panic from the procedure. I’m worried this time I may need treatment which will mean I’ll have to experience it again but worse. Too worried to ask for general anaesthetic because I’m too scared to be in a compromising position when I’m unconscious.

Tips needed!!

Rewriting to make more sense lol.
Not quite the same as I have PTSD from birth trauma, but also I find it all very distressing.
1st suggestion, phone before you go so everything stressful isn’t all at once & you can have a difficult conversation on your own terms. You can then say nope, no students, explain why you’re upset, & ask for the smallest speculum. The nurse I had also asked if I wanted to be distracted or talking through, & said I could take someone in with me.
2nd suggestion, drugs :joy: Might not work for you, but I had Diazepam & then gas & air which really really helped.

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Really Horrible situation for you to be in. So sorry. Have you had a chat with the Jo’s Trust helpline about anything that might help you?

Don’t know if it helps but I don’t think you should have pain from a colposcopy. I told my colposcopist in the chat in the office before I took my clothes off, that I’d had the worst experience of a smear test in my life ( 65!) by the nurse at my GPs this time, which was just blamed on being menopausal, and the colposcopist was brilliant - she says they can use as much gel and local anaesthetic cream as they like to do the colposcopy and they can always choose a small speculum - and I really didn’t feel a thing.

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