Specialist nurse

Hi, I am new to the forum but have read a lot of your posts, which have helped a lot over the last month!

I had a smear after missing quite a few, I am 46 with 2 children. The smear came back with cell changes and I was sent for a urgent colonoscopy where they preformed a Loop Diathermy, today is 3 weeks since and they have rang for me to attend clinic tomorrow to see the specialist nurse for the results.

I have prepared myself for the worst (as much as you can) but with it being the nurse I am to see I had relaxed a little.

I then googled the nurse and found she is the gynaecology oncology specialist nurse. Has anyone had a cc diagnosis given by a nurse (definitely not taking anything away from nurses been in hospitals a lot with our son and they are amazing!). Would appreciate any information, appointment is 9am tomorrow and just want to be prepared.

Thank you in advance x

Hiya Hun, my news was given to me by the same person who gave me the colposcopy and loop and biopsy. Goodluck with your appointment, I hope all goes well for you xxxx