Spa treat post treatment - Suggestions?

Hi Everyone,

You may have seen that I have just finished treatment and looking to maybe treat myself to an overnight stay at a spa of some sort but I have read that some spa's wont touch you if you have cancer.  Has anyone had any experience of this and does anyone have any recommendations of somewhere preferabley in the South East of UK I could go to as I dont travel so well since having treatment :-(

Marie xx

Hi, I'm sorry I don't really know the answer to your question specificall. I do know though that some types of massage are not recommended if you have cancer, try to contact a few and ask them. 

Good luck and I hope you enjoy your spa day, you deserve it x

Hi Miss Daisy A massage might be tricky but certainly a facial, foot massage and sauna would be good. I remember in the early stages having a massage and it was just painful.