Spa Day after LLETZ?

Hi everyone,

I’m new here but I’ve been googling so much since my LLETZ took a turn for the worst two weeks ago and every time I found my answers here! So thank you ladies!

Anyway, my friends are planning a spa day on 19th Feb. I had my LLETZ on 13th Jan and had severe bleeding and went into shock afterwards - had silver nitrate and I seem fine now. I was originally told not to swim for 4weeks after the LLETZ but have heard some people say 6 weeks and then with my problem after wondered if it would be different.

How do you know you’re okay to get in that hot tub? If im bleeding I won’t go.


Ohh a spa day, how lovely! I think the best way to tell whether you're OK is have you stopped bleeding (or leaking other assorted gunk!!)... if so, you've healed up and would no doubt be fine. Some people seem OK after 4 weeks, some 6, I think it varies from person to person.

Maybe you could plan to go anyway, and if the hot tub is a no-no, treat yourself to a massage instead :-)

good luck