Hi guys,

im wandering if anyone would be up ,for taken part in the walk for fun say at southampton common or around the town in the april?
i know there isnt many from this area, but anyone who could fancys it , and we can bring friends/family along too. wearing some big pants :wink:

if anyone is intrested please feel free to pm me .x :slight_smile:

Well done FiFi for arranging a Southampton walk.

I’ve put the posters etc in the post to you today. Hopefully some Southampton people will join you!

Take care


Hi Fifi,

Im not much good at walking as I have Arthritus, however If anyone has an old silver cross pram or similar device I will see if i can find someone to push me round.

Southampton is about an hour away-10 miles in london 40miles on the south coast- guess its all relative!!!

love and peace