South-west meet

Hi all

Have had a long think about where to have meet so finaly think Bristol might be the best so if others from further away want to join us they can. couple of dates Sat 30th March or Sat 7th April yes I know this is easter weekend so if too difficult we maybe go for the following Sat 14th April :?: can you let me know which date you prefer and then we will go with the majority and also we need to decide what we want to do perhaps meet up and have lunch or do you want to have an evening meal again please let me know and then we will decide with the majority. By the way the shops aren’t too bad either. Look forward to meeting you all.

Take care
Anne xx :slight_smile:

Hi Anne Bristol isn’t very far from me well not that far so would be lovely to come and meet some of you …would hubby be able to come as he would drive me?..I can’t make the 30th march as Dean working but other two would be fine.

                 Tracey xx

Hi Anne,

I could do either of these dates at the moment and have pencilled them in, looking forward to it already!

Hope you are keeping well,

Lots of love,


Hi Tracey of course Dean can come it’s not just for us women it’s for all of us. How about we go for the 14th as Neale is worried that the 7th (easter saturday) would be so busy. If that is agreeable what does every one want to do Lunch or evening meal :?: Let me know then Neale can ask at work what would be good for us to go to if you get my gist of things. Well we have three of us to start with come on you lot who else is game can’t say it will be as good as Brighton :wink: or as Twickenham but what the hell.

Take care
Anne xx :slight_smile:

Yes me again how about you all come to our place and we can have a meal what ever and the men can watch sport on tv if they want and us girls can have a good natter. We don’t have to do this but just thought it would be more relaxed and for those who come on a train we have a station just down the road and we can pick you up and take you back. Let me know what you think. I am now off to see my grandsons and my son-in-law for the day in Devon, they are cooking me a meal for my mother’s day present, so will think of you all as I am being waited on hand and foot oh boy am I going to enjoy this.

Take care
Anne xx :smiley:

Thats a very generous offer! Are you sure about being invaded???

:frowning: So sorry Anne we won’t be able to do anyweekends now for a while Dean started a new job 2 weeks ago and they have a police station to rewire and most of the work is gonna be at weekends from now till end of april.Real bummer and Im not best pleased cos it leaves me here with the kids!!! They are lovely really !! Im just upset because I really do want to meet you all as you have all been such a help and its nice to put faces to names.maybe we could all arrange something in a couple of months.

So Sorry Tracey xx :cry:

Hi ooohhhh Tracey never mind there will be another meet and in answer to you nikki don’t mind being invaded at all thought it would be more relaxing and if hubby’s/partners come too then at least they don’t have to hear us rabbiting on they can always go and watch tv if they want. So will wait to hear from you all and then we can book a firm date I have posted asking for help to transfer this over to the bit where the let’s meet dates are arranged this banana got in a muddle typical.
:roll: :roll:
Take care
Anne xx :slight_smile:

Hi mum xxx
I’ve moved your post to here, not that I think anyone minded it being on the forum bless you xxx
Will let you know what I’m up to, would love to come but I’m treating Shelley for her birthday (weekend in Brighton :lol: :wink: ) and that’s the 20th so not sure… yet :lol:

lots of love xxx