(Sorry long!) Abnormal smear low grade dyskariyosis & evidence of HPV.. & now?

Hey ladies!

Okay just looking to see if any of you ladies have gone through the same thing as me, or similar?

I had my first ever smear test last month in October (I'm 26) & I got my results back as 'abnormal'.. & that I had low grade dyskariyosis & evidence of HPV! Now I had never heard of HPV before until my smear test! Anyway, as you do, I went straight into panic mode thinking 'oh my god I've got the dreaded C word!!' I literally cried through panic of seeing this on my results as I've never been ill or had any operations or anything of the sort & I am pretty healthy! 

Anyway, I was booked to go for a colposcopy which I went to at the beginning of November - I can't explain the nerves I felt when I was called into the colposcopy room. But in actual fact, it really was not that bad! The nurses I had were lovel. - I must have absolutely drilled their brains with the amount of questions I had.. She explained to me before she did the colposcopy that I had 'high risk HPV' & I said 'the type that can cause cancer?' And before she even finished saying 'yes' my heart was in my mouth!! So I got into position & she was having a look at my cervix, as she was doing so she asked me if I wanted to look.. I said noooo way ho say! Lol.. Not that it mattered as I could see her computer screen right behind her & guess what? There was my cervix lol I really didn't wish to see it!! 

After she had a look & everything, she did 2 biopsies (which weren't painful for any ladies wondering) & she told me afterwards that she thinks my letter was wrong about the low grade dyskariyosis & that she thinks I just have the HPV virus so she said I didn't need treatment & would probably just be called back for another smear! I'm still waiting for my biopsy results & I'm dreading that they might say something completely different to what she told me.. Is this possible? What are the chances that she could be wrong & it could be worse? It's been almost 2 weeks & I've not heard anything yet. Has anyone experienced this or similar? And can high risk HPV flush itself out of your body? I've totally upped my vitamin intake now too to help boost my immune system even more, even though I have a strong one already!

Any advice would be great!! :)


Hey, cant help with the questions you asked but just wanted to say thank you for your post, reading about your experience has just made me feel at ease about going for my colposcopy next Tuesday. My smear showed borderline changes and hpv. I've been terrified since recieving my colposcopy appointment, before being told my smear results.

Good Luck with the biopsy results, I know many say they wait a while for results and waiting is the worst part. What you were told at your appointment sounds promising and Sounds hopeful that the biopsy results will tie in with that

sorry i wasn't able to give any advice xx 

Thank you for your reply!! :)

awh I'm glad you feel at ease - it really isn't bas at all! It looks worse than it is trust me lol.. one of the nurses was talking to me throughout the whole thing & it completely took my mind off of what was happening! She told me to cough when she did the punch biopsy, but to be honest, I didn't feel it anyway. It can be a little uncomfy but not painful, so do not panic! You will be absolutely fine :)

I was in the same position as you when I got my results from my smear, and I did what I shouldn't have and that was google everything lol please do NOT google.. It will honestly make you so much worse as it did me and then I suddenly started feeling aches & pains! All psychological.. Our mind can be our own worst enemy!!

good luck with your colposcopy - please let me know how I went & don't worry, you'll be great! :)