Sorry gross question..

Hi I had colposcopy and biopsies on Tuesday and today - and I really dont want to appear crude - but I am passing flesh with black grainy bits? It has terrified me. So sorry, I know this sounds gross but I am genuinely scared! is this normal? bad period pains today

Hi there,

Don’t worry it’s totally normal. The grainy stuff is from where they use nitrate (I think that’s what it is) to stop the bleeding from your cervix. Period type pains are very normal too, nothing to worry about if your cervix has been tampered with. It’s all a sign that your body is healing itself.

I had a big bleed with clots about 3 days after my biopsies were taken. Like you I was terrified as there was a lot of blood. It calmed down after an hour and the colposcopist said it was normal. So don’t worry if that happens either :slight_smile:

Hope you feel better soon xx

Oh thank you for this!!!! They never told me this would happen!!! Thanks again xx